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I recently went back to Canada to visit some of my favourite friendly Canucks. And along the way I had some pretty fab vegan food =)

I used to find travelling super annoying as I always had a hard time finding food. But I have learned it just takes a little more prep and creativity.  I used to fly between Canada and the US and would have to buy airplane fare. I think even non-veg people can agree that it isn’t ideal. It’s overpriced, not particularly healthy and doesn’t even taste very good. Since I’ve moved to Northern California, I have discovered the magic of flying from California to Michigan and lucky for me, my family lives a fairly short drive from the Detroit airport (and it’s super cheap to fly there!). Since the flight is now national (instead of international) I can now pack food for the plane:









I was in a hurry to catch my plane, so these aren’t the greatest pics. I brought chopped veggies & hummus, an apple, an orange, homemade kale chips, homemade date balls (recipe to come!), strawberries, almonds and a lara bar, a rice cake and cashew butter and some leftovers from the previous nights supper. I didn’t end up eating it all, but it was nice to know I wouldn’t go hungry. What are your favourite travel snacks?

And when I got to my mom’s, she made sure I wouldn’t go hungry either and stocked her pantry for me. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive family with my diet.









And would you believe that I actually have an easier time in Southwestern Ontario finding vegan & gluten free eats than in Cali? Believe it baby. Check out the coolest health food store in Sarnia Ontario called Urban Marketplace (Sarnia friends – check out 146 Cameron Street for some local, organic and healthy finds). I love this store! The owner is nicest person ever and she takes requests. If you are anywhere near Sarnia, I would even recommend just taking a road trip to check this place out. Look how cute it is!












You can find just about anything you need there. Check out the freezer – it has healthy frozen (home-made!) foods for you when you just don’t have the time to do your own cooking (try the chili – it’s the bomb, seriously).

Check them out on facebook:

or their store website:

And as wonderful as my mom’s stocked pantry was, I did manage to get out to eat once while I was there and wouldn’t you know it? There is a very veg-friendly restaurant that happens to have a vegan “Fiesta Friday” every Friday for dinner and they have gluten-free options.  The food is awesome! I have to eat there at least once each time I visit. They also have a brunch every Sunday that is completely vegan & gluten-free =)









It’s the cutest little café and I hear their coffee is pretty great too (can’t verify myself as I don’t drink the stuff). The food is so good though! And I got a dessert, which put me in my chocolatey bliss heaven, making me forget to take a picture. It was raw chocolate cheesecake and it was soooooooooo good *sighsdreamily*



You can check them out on facebook as well:

or their café webpage:

My mom used to tease me as after going vegan, whenever I went on vacation anywhere, most of the pictures were of food. I guess I should have known then the career direction I would take would either be holistic nutrition or culinary school.

8 thoughts on “The Vegan Traveller

  1. Who knew Sarnia was so vegan friendly? Very cool!

    I feel the same way about travelling- pack more than you need to and you’ll always be full and happy. Airplane/gas station food is no good taste wise or for your health.

    I am the same way- I always take picture of food since I went vegan. Shoulda known IHN is where I’d end up!

    Looks like you had a wonderful visit :)

    1. I know… Sarnia is funny that way, I would have never guessed it would be so easy to eat there with such friendly people.
      Yup – us Nutritionists need to stick together with our awesome food pics!

  2. I too started photographing my food when I became vegan, before I had any inkling of blogging. Maybe it’s just me, but I think vegans appreciate food more and are conscious of where it came from, how it came to be on their plate, and I just can’t help capturing some of the best culinary moments before I devour it. I know I appreciate what I get to eat more now that I’m vegan.

    The Tree House looks awesome!

  3. It’s true, I think I do appreciate food much more and am also more conscious about it and where it has come from.
    It’s super fantastic =) Kind of like Pyrus actually.

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