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Have you ever participated in a snack box exchange? I signed up for one once, while I was still living in Canada. I would get paired with a stranger and we would send each other a brief blurb about things we liked and didn’t like. There was a minimum & maximum amount of funds to be spent on the box and had to be sent by a certain day of the month.

Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, I found I would always spend the maximum and would always take a lot of time and effort picking out different things I hoped my snack buddy would enjoy… but I wouldn’t get the same in return. So after a few months, I cancelled. As a blogger, I find I’m meeting many new people and making some great friends. So I thought I would ask one of these cool people if she wanted to try an exchange. I would actually like to do this every few months – so if anyone else is interested in exchanging with me, comment and let me know.

I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to ask than Susan of Kittens Gone Lentils. We first crossed paths at Vegan Vida Con last year, but we didn’t meet in person, just realized we had both attended. I then interviewed her for a post during Vegan MoFo. Since then, we have been following each others blogs and writing each other notes every now and then. Despite the fact that she resides on a different side of the world, I consider her a very good friend ❤️.

So I scoured the neighbouring health food stores in search of fun treats she would like. And I can tell, she spent a lot of time and effort to do the same for me. Check it out!




I basically told Susan, I’m pretty happy with anything as long as it’s gluten-free (and vegan of course!). She found some really cool stuff for me! I  have never tried any of this stuff and have been really enjoying it. I have been trying to go through the box slowly to properly savour everything. Although the Minton (thin mints!) didn’t last long… The Loving Earth Salted Caramel Chocolate was my absolute favourite, so I think I will have to try and track this down.


The Dunk-ies were super fun too. They fondly reminded me of dunkaroos from my childhood lunches =) I love that Susan found all of these unique and awesome treat and appreciate the effort!

Thank you Susan!! You totally rock my socks!

You can find Susan’s post about the vegan snackies I sent her right here.

If you are interested in exchanging a box of vegan goodies with me – let me know, I’d love to send you some fun treats from Northern California and see what sort of fun things are in your area.

13 thoughts on “The Vegan SnackBox

  1. I was just looking at all of the fun things you sent Susan on her blog and thought I’d pop over to see the other half of the swap. What great mail days for both of you!

  2. The box looks wonderful! It’s so fun making friends around the country and the world! I’d love to do a swap with you. :) Let’s get in touch soon and we can plan it out! Let me know if you need my email address!

    1. Oh yay! I would LOVE to do a swap with you. It’ll be easier with you too as I won’t have to worry about shipping internationally. Although, it’ll be harder to pick things as I will need to think of things you don’t have ;p I’ll see if I have your email addy somewheres.

  3. I am doing a box exchange with Jenny from Herbivores’ Heaven, but I haven’t sent her box out yet >.< It has been constantly getting to the post office with a line to the door. But if you want to get some East Coast (NJ/NY/PA) goodies shoot me an email. I like getting random goodies! And I will be faster at shipping yours (apparently shipping to the Czech Republic has been really complicated XD)

    1. I can’t believe the lines at the post office. Seinfeld should have done an episode about that…
      I would adore some East Coast goodies! It would be fun exchanging “coast” goodies haha. It’ll definitely be easier shipping nationally 😉

    1. I super cala fragilistic expialidocioused your snacks. They were simply amazing, you did a phenomenal job picking things out for me. And I still managed to have a few things left that I will enjoy this week =) Thank you again – you are awesome!

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