The one with the Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Any SouthPark fans? There is an episode where one of the characters rescues this little Turkey and calls it Gobbles. Although the entire episode isn’t “feel-good”, I thought it was cute that they rescued this little guy.

We originally had plans for dinner – some friends had invited us over to celebrate the Canadian occasion California style. Alas, they decided to go camping a little last minute. I was bummed as I didn’t have time to figure out a plan to have a get together, so we just had a nice, intimate dinner as a family.

Terry surprised me with this super cute card!


We had some pretty fall flowers as our centre piece.


I originally was disappointed that my energy levels found the thought of making a big meal daunting. But having only made two dishes made us not feel over stuffed.


I made my Wild Rice, Spinach & Tempeh Bacon Squash and Fat Free Vegan’s Best Green Bean Casserole (this is no joke – it really is the best!). I had planned to stuff my squash back into the shells… but scooping the flesh out proved more difficult than usual…


Poor squash never saw it coming haha.

Sunny even got a special meal. Did you know they make special vegan canned dog food?





It turned out to be a really nice meal.


Oooh and we had dessert! I made this Raw Chocolate Chip Slice. zomg… so good!!!! It’s perfect for 2 people – it fills a 4-inch pan. We somehow managed to only eat half so we get the rest tonight!


Having a nice, relaxing day allowed for extra cuddle time and belly rubs for Sunny too.



I hope you’re having a great weekend =)

If you celebrated this weekend, what did you have?

14 thoughts on “The one with the Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you, Terry and Sunny!! We missed you guys, but glad you had a wonderful intimate meal with each other!!!! πŸ’—

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving! The food you made looks so good! I need to try that tempeh squash.

    The card Terry got you was soooo cute! I found a veg dog food in a can too and it’s Firenze’s favorite. :) It looks like you had a really nice day. Sunny looks so happy.

    1. Thanks Mary Ellen! Oooh you would like the tempeh squash – I’ve made it for several people and it always goes over well.
      He got brownie points for the card – it was completely cute and unexpected. We had a pretty nice day =)

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