The One With the 10-year Anniversary

Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary with Terry. I remember nervously getting ready on a Tuesday afternoon in my blue wedding dress. My hair and makeup all done up (something I don’t tend to bother with). And we had my dream wedding. Which was the opposite of what most people picture. My husband and I started dating on the 6th day of the month, so I really started liking the number 6. We got married June 6, 2006 and 6pm. We opted for a smaller venue with just our close family and friends (40 people total, including us and our officiant) at a clay and glass gallery in the town we lived. I told my bridesmaids and best man to wear whatever they want (Terry and I each had 2 bridesmaids and a best man) And true to my child-self proclaiming I would order pizza at my reception – we did and enjoyed it at a nearby park.


June 6, 2006

10 years later, we’re still going strong! Do we get along perfectly all of the time? Heck no! We argue, we’re not always blissfully happy with one another, but we make it work.

I wanted to make something for him to show him how much I’m still crazy about him even after all of these years (married 10, but together for 7 before that). So I made a little craft project.





I took a picture of us from each year from 2006-2015 and framed them. I attached a balloon to each and created them into a heart shape. I picked 10 songs that meant something to our relationship and wrote them out next to each picture. And I found some block letters with our initial and painted them to match the accent colour of our living room. I’m hoping he’ll hang up the letters and pictures sometime soon =)

Here are the pictures I picked:


2007 (Easter dinner)


2008 (Terry’s graduation for his second degree – yep, he’s a genius)


2009 (Headsave for charity)


2010 (summer hiking)


2011 (trip to Montréal)


2012 (visit to Google)


2013 (trip to Portland)


2014 (office holiday party)


2015 (Halloween in Santa Cruz)

He took me out to dinner to my favourite restuarant, Millennium in Oakland, CA. We don’t get out there very often, because it’s really expensive. A very nice treat.

We wanted to try several things, so we ended up sharing a bunch of dishes.


Roasted Fingerling Potatoes


Seared Duk


Black Garlic Mizo Glazed Tempeh


Blackberry IceCream & Raspberry Shortbread (they put a candle in for our celebration)

Soooo good! We were so full after.

He also got me this fancy schmancy cutting board I had my eye on. It’s handcrafted by a local artist and is waaaay more than I would normally spend on a cutting board, but it’s so beautiful and I love it =)

And this pendant. I was pleasantly surprised he remembered my love of fused sea glass.


Here’s to many more years together❤️


23 thoughts on “The One With the 10-year Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary Kimmy! Your wedding sounded amazing! And it’s so nice to see you did it your way. Yours sounded perfectly “you”. :)

    What a thoughtful gift you gave to Terry (and vice versa). I loved seeing your pictures and how you have celebrated during your 10 years of marriage. It’s nice to see you’ve been together for so long and and still so happy.

    1. Thank you Mary Ellen! I definitely did it my way… my mom and I disagreed a lot, but I wouldn’t budge. It as “MY” day haha.
      It’s nice being with someone like him, he makes me happy. It’s not perfect all of the time, but I’m grateful to be in a healthy, loving relationship with someone who totally rocks my socks =)

  2. Awww! Happy anniversary Kimmy! Congrats on 10 years of marriage, I hope you will enjoy many, many more :) those photos are adorable, such a sweet idea to get them framed! And I love that your wedding dress was blue <3 and that you ordered pizza! Haha 😀

  3. Congratulations! Such lovely and thoughtful gifts. I loved seeing the photos you chose.
    The anniversary dinner sounds perfect, and looks delicious! I ate at Millennium five years ago when it was still in SF, a very good place to celebrate a wonderful occasion. :)

  4. aww you two are so sweet – I love how much Terry’s hair has changed over the years – so much more than yours! Congrats on 10 years and so pleased you are still going strong – love your photo idea and am fascinated by all the fun times you two have had

  5. Reading this only this morning (yes, I am THAT far behind) and it brought a very big smile to my face. Your happiness, though not always perfect as you stated, is clearly there on every single photo and lines you wrote. It’s beautiful to see and read!

  6. Happy belated anniversary! Your wedding sounds like it was such a beautiful day, thank you for sharing. What wonderful thoughtful gifts you gave to each other too. Congratulations :) x

  7. Aw, baby Kimmy and Terry–you two were/are adorable! I love your 10-year anniversary gift idea, too. So sweet (as were his gifts and your super-tasty-looking anniversary dinner!) Love #fancypantsdinners! 😉

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