The Gluten Free Goddess (and cheater pizza recipe)

Do you ever think being vegan is tough? Particularly in social settings when food is involved. What about avoiding soy too? Add gluten to the no-no list too! I’ve been vegan for over 4-years now, but just in the past year and a half I have tried staying away from soy and gluten. I’m not as strict with soy, but I rarely have gluten. And it is tough at times! I see a lot of vegan things and a lot of gluten-free things, but sometimes the combo is tough.

So I thought I’d show you some of my favourite quick & easy gluten-free eats and a simple pizza recipe.

The above picture shows some of my favourite brands of gluten free packaged food from the store (this is strictly my opinion, I do not receive any freebies from these guys – I just plain like them and think you will too). Brown rice is an easy thing to eat – it’s great in stir fry (we also eat lots of quinoa, millet, buckwheat and a bit of teff and amaranth which are not pictured). I am not a baker by any means. I never have been and never will be. I found the transition to veganism difficult with baking and pretty well gave up when I cut gluten out of my diet. I make all raw desserts now and use things like puffed millet – it’s pretty great and I especially like to use them in my snacky-ball recipe.

Rice cakes are the greatest snack food ever! I love topping them with nutbutter or avocado to have as breakfast or a snack. Yum. I prefer to make my own dehydrated crackers, but when I’m low on time, I enjoy Mary’s Gone Crackers as a snack sometimes with hummus. I thought after going gluten-free it would mean no longer enjoying pasta, but I was wrong! Have you tried Tinkyada noodles yet? They are the BEST gluten-free noodles out there. They have the best texture – trust me, I have done a lot of research! And they come in all kind of great shapes. When adding them to boiling water, add a bit of olive oil to avoid sticking and be sure to stir them immediately. I usually stop cooking them 2 minutes before the package suggests as well as I enjoy my noodles al dente.

Larabars are a fantastic snack – they are for sure my go-to snack bar. I also love Bob’s Red Mill gluten- free oats for oatmeals and breakfast porridge, raw desserts, savoury casseroles and home-made cereal. I love love love oats =) And PIZZA…

Remember pizza? With it’s ooey-gooey cheese? Super thick crust?  Maybe even a ring of cheese in the crust? I used to love stuffed crust. Wow… that seems so long ago. Sounds pretty gross now. But, I still love pizza. It was always my favourite growing up, I loved the taste and have fond memories of family get togethers around a big pie.

I don’t crave it like I used to, but I still enjoy on a semi-regular basis. I have found a way to eat it in a very healthy way like I mentioned in this post. I actually don’t make this nearly enough…  I should make it again.

Some nights I just like a quick & easy supper that I can throw together. On nights my husband works late, I sometimes like to make a huge production and make myself something fancy. But normally, I just make something quick & easy. I like saving the fancy things for when I’m eating with others. So my go-to is usually pizza the vegan and gluten-free way.


1-2 Rice wraps depending on how hungry you are (I used Engine 2 diet, but sometimes use Food for Life)

2 tbsp pizza sauce per wrap (I used to buy pizza sauce but now just use leftover pasta sauce I store in the freezer – or when tomatoes are in season, I make my own – future recipe coming!)

1 clove of garlic, minced

a few slices of onion, diced

your favourite veggies (I used mushrooms, bell pepper & fresh basil from my balcony “garden”)

top it with daiya or nutritional yeast (or make your own nutcheeze)

Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and broil for 1-2 minutes. I sometimes eat both of these myself, I’m actually trying to only eat 1 and serve it with a big side of veggies liked steamed broccoli.

I think this is better than what I used to enjoy anyway. YUM  =)

That being said, I prefer making my own food as much as possible and we usually avoid packaged foods, but it’s nice to have these things on hand for a quick meal when you’re low on time or energy.

Happy Monday lovelies!!

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  1. Great tips Kimmy! I remember when I started cutting out gluten I felt so lost! Now a lot of what you mentioned have become staples of mine. If I had had this list back then, it would have been a much easier transition :)

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