The Future of Rock my Vegan Socks

The title may be a bit more dramatic than intended, but I couldn’t think of another one. And I know we don’t always have the time to read every post on every blog we follow (though we sure do try!), so I wanted this to grab your attention.

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you will have seen my complaints of not being able to work. Though I live in sunny California, it was almost 5 years ago that my husband and I made the move from Ontario, Canada where we are originally from. My husband was allowed to work, I on the other hand was not. It was an extremely rough adjustment for me as I have always worked. I had jobs in middle school and high school. I worked my way through university. And I didn’t even take a break between Uni and getting my first “real” job in the workforce. I never took breaks when I switched jobs even. And when I made the difficult decision to quit my full time job in 2011 to go back to school to study nutrition, I worked two part time jobs. Not being able to work was very difficult for me.

We adopted Sunny which gave me something to focus on, which was one of the best things I have ever done. And I have kept busy with volunteering, which I have loved. But it just wasn’t the same. So when my authorization to work finally came along, I snatched a job up pretty quickly!

I had thought of maybe finding a part time job to ease myself back in gradually. Well, that went out the window. I’m going straight to full time work again. Go big or go home, right?

One of the things I’ve done to keep busy was start this blog. And I had no idea what it would turn into for me. It started out as a fun project, but quickly became a part of me. I am passionate about this blog and one of my favourite things about it is all of the wonderful friends I have made along the way. I don’t want to up and quit blogging, it would be too hard. I have no intention of giving up the blog. BUT my time commitment is going to decrease significantly. That means fewer posts, which is ok. But it also means the amount of time I read other blogs will decrease too. This makes me very sad as I enjoy reading and following blogs. I am going to try and keep up as much as I can. Though I imagine the first few weeks will be a rough adjustment. You’ve all been a patient bunch in the past though – I appreciate you helping me through this. I know many of you do work full time and blog – oh my goodness do I ever admire that. AND some of you have kids! Mind boggling, seriously. So I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.

Ok – enough of the heavy. If you’ve made it this far, thank you! I will reward you with some fun weekend pictures 😉

Sunny getting a treat for putting up with a bath haha


This “ribbitting” frog on a walk with Sunny that scared us


And Sunny was brave enough to investigate


Cute Birthday Parties for friends





Pizza Dates with the hubby


And enjoying the nice weekend weather with a new haircut =)



How was your weekend?

ps. If you’ve been patiently awaiting the post for the San Diego food – it’s coming next week 😉

20 thoughts on “The Future of Rock my Vegan Socks

  1. I am so pleased for you that your authorization to work came through! I imagine not being able to work for so long was a huge adjustment – I was the same with going from school to jobs and not taking breaks, until we moved to the UK and I had a few months off and even that was strange. (Maternity leave has thus been strange too, as you know!) You filled your time amazingly but it must be nice to have a work identity back.

    Lots of luck with the adjustment and of course it makes sense that your blogging time will decrease – we’ll love whatever time you end up having to allocate to it :-)

  2. Congrats on the new job Kimmy, I know you’ll do wonderfully! Blogging and working full time can be tough but you’ll get into the swing of things.

    You’re so supportive of everyone else so don’t worry about it, we’ll be here whenever you get a chance to post!

    Love the reward of Sunny pictures. :)

  3. First I am so pleased that your permit to work came through.

    I have to say though you have kept yourself wonderfully occupied with your volunteering ,
    Your blog will always be there, so dip in and dip out when you feel and your loyal readers will know that you cannot possibly comment on every blog you read, for goodness sake we all do that. But do blog and make sure you enjoy it, that is the most important part.

  4. Congrats on the new job and chapter in your life, Kimmy!!! So grateful we’re friends in “real life” now and will continue to be! Xoxoxoxoxoxo.

  5. Blogs fit in as much as they are able around other things in life, so don’t worry about that! Just when the opportunity and the mood strikes. :)
    Great news that you can finally start working again!

  6. Congratulations on your job – you have filled up your life with so much that it must seem really hard to cut back to make room for the job – good luck – and I think you are not alone in cutting back on blogging time – it happens to many of us as life changes – I have started a new job that makes it feel hard to find blogging time and I have had to cut back on reading and commenting, which makes me sad but I am glad (relieved) to hear your blog will continue.

    1. It was tough to say goodbye to some things, but a new chapter starts I suppose.
      I can’t imagine juggling a job and a kiddo – I admire you for it. I will keep it up, I just can’t be quite as active as I have been. Thanks Johanna.

  7. Hi Kimmy! Congrats on finally getting to work AND getting a job! So much to be proud of! I’m sure you will do a wonderful job.
    I’m glad you are aren’t letting the blog go, and I’ll look forward to reading when you have time to post!

  8. Looking forward to hearing more about work – congrats! Balance is something that is always hard! It’s something I always try and work on. Sometimes I win and other times I lose but I always try! LOVED the Sunny Photos! SO CUTE! I spotted a Unicorn!!!! You know I LOVE Unicorns! And the pizza OMG!!!!!! HUGS, Kimmie!!!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Finding balance is tough, I hope it’s something I can figure out once I get in the swing of things and get a schedule established. You are too cute!

  9. Congratulations on getting your work authorization and finding a job. I hope it turns out to be serendipitous. I’m glad you plan to keep the blog. I’ll look forward to your posts as they come up. Best wishes for a wonderful new job adventure.

  10. Whoo! Congrats on the new job! That is super exciting. I am the same way- I always need to be doing something. I am slowly adjusting to home life as well, though I work one day a week (what a luxury! This week I work TWO days!) I hope you enjoy your new job and it is the perfect balance of challenging and interesting.

    1. You are doing something at home!!! A baby is quite a bit of work. Much more than a full time job for sure.
      It will take me awhile to figure out the balance, but I’m confident I’ll figure it out within a few weeks =)

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