Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! Though I’m far from family… and from a country that celebrates Thanksgiving in October, I managed to enjoy myself this past weekend.

I started the big day off with a run – the San Jose Turkey Trot. I had trained hard and was hoping to improve my time. My training went great! I managed to work my 3km down from 18 minutes to 17. And I was finishing my 10km in under an hour – my goal was to finish in under an hour (my current 10km best is around 54 minutes). Unfortunately, my body just wasn’t feeling it race day. It happens sometimes and I tried not to be too disappointed. I think a few factors were not taking a rest day at all the week of the race (I normally do) and I did a legs work out just 2 days before the race! Oh and I attempted to donate platelets the afternoon before the race (resulting in a collapased vein :/). The attempted donation was  probably the biggest factor for a slower run and I should have known better. Ah well. I finished at 1 hour 6 minutes – not terrible, but I can do better =)

I figured I may as well make a nice, big feast to enjoy. It was a small, intimate meal which was kind of nice. I was very happy with how the food turned out. Stay tuned for some upcoming recipes!

Orange, cranberry, pecan salad

Homemade cranberries

Garlic-roasted scalloped potatoes

Wild rice, spinach & tempeh bacon stuffed squash

Chocolate Cream Pie

Sunny even got a special meal!


My friend Brie joined us for supper and brought one of her current foster dogs

So cute! I thought maybe Sunny could use a little sister, but Terry isn’t so sure ;p

The feast!

And Friday – let me tell you! I did not go anywhere near a store or mall. I actually spent the day hiking with friends – much more pleasant than braving the crowds for a few deals ;p There is just something about being surrounded by nature… it does the body, mind & spirit good.

Beautiful state park

Stopped for lunch with a view

Almost halfway into the 13 mile hike – still feeling pretty great

Found lots of little streams along the way

Finished the hike with a coastal view

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