Terry’s Birthday and a Vegan Wedding

We celebrated Terry’s birthday last week. He isn’t the type to enjoy making a big deal of things, which I normally don’t listen to. But this year we had a hectic schedule and are saving for an exciting trip this summer (stay tuned for more deets on that!). So we kept things low key.

I made him a card =)

IMG_2123You’ll see the front in another upcoming picture. He asked me if I would go with him to see the new Avengers movie and I told him no way. He was pleasantly surprised by this. We were planning to go Mother’s Day, last Sunday, but our plans changed when our poor pup got sick. She’s doing much better now =)

I made him a delicious supper, which I will share the recipe for shortly.


You can see the front of the card in this picture =)

And dessert!


He LOVES rhubarb and it’s in season right now (convenient timing!), so I made him a strawberry rhubarb cheezecake. It was delicious.

I made this supper the night before his birthday and the day of his actual birthday, we attended a wedding. I usually get a little nervous about weddings as I don’t always know many people and can’t eat much. But this was a  vegan couple. YAY!

They rented out a cute restaurant in San Francisco and we had a ton of vegan Thai food. And fortunately, my good friend and bride, Kathy is also friends with Robin. So Robin and I went together with our significant others.


I liked how this wedding was also casual – we were told to wear whatever we wanted, even jeans & t-shirts if we so wished. But Robin and I still like to get dolled up. I don’t do it very often, so it was nice.

We had fun ;p



And ate a lot of delicious food!kowedding2








Soooo much food. We could barely roll ourselves out the door when we were done! Fortunately, it was family style, so it was shared between four people. Still a ton of food though.

The couple rented out an apartment to have a reception after with champagne and cake to celebrate. Check out the view!



We somehow managed to save room for cake…


Congratulations Kathy & Omer!


Have you been to any vegan weddings?



2 thoughts on “Terry’s Birthday and a Vegan Wedding

  1. you are so creative with your cards and the pineapple dish looks great – the wedding looks like fun too – it is ages since I was at a wedding – I sort of enjoy them but find them a bit overwhelming – and I did go to one where I forgot to remind my friend I was vegetarian and the kitchen had to rustle me up something which was a bit uncomfortable.

    1. Haha – I try to be more creative, this one was kind of rushed. Thank you! I find weddings a bit overwhelming as well, fortunately, this one was low key 😉
      Wedding food can be tricky for sure! Glad the kitchen could at least help!

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