Tahoe Adventures 2017


Can you believe I’ve lived in California for 5 whole years and just finally made my way to Tahoe? Everyone always talks about how amazing it is and I’ve been wanting to go, it just didn’t happen. Partly because I flat out refuse to go anywhere near winter – I paid my dues living in Canada for the first 30 years of my life. And summers are always so busy. My friend Di and I always plan a June girls weekend getaway and I finally got my chance to go.

We made the 4-hour trek early on a Saturday morning and stopped just inside of Tahoe proper and found some vegan food.


And we decided to get in a good hike before retiring to our hostel for the night. We settled on Spooner lake as it was close to where we were and on the way to where we were staying.



We were tired and hungry by the time we got to our hostel and were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations. Di has talked me into staying at a hostel before and it was fine, but not really my thing. It definitely is a budget friendly option though. My only concern is that I don’t really like sharing a bathroom with strangers. This hostel actually had private rooms with private bathrooms attached. The only shared space was the kitchen and common area. It was really nice.


We made supper vegan mac n’ cheeze style.


And enjoyed views of the sunset over the lake.


We only stayed one night, so I wanted to make the best of the short trip and got up early Sunday morning for a run to do a little exploring of my own.


Running at sunrise is my favourite. It’s so calm, peaceful and beautiful.

We got ready and headed to Emerald Lake for a long hike before making our way back home.


This stunning picture was taken a mere 2 miles in. Breathtaking beauty is just everywhere in Tahoe.



We made it 3-4 miles in before the snow had us turn around as it was blocking the trails and pathways. My old hiking boots were no match and I just kept sliding everywhere.


Snow in June??


Di was kind enough to do most of the driving around the Tahoe area so I could take everything in.


I highly recommend Lake Tahoe if you are ever in the area. I have a feeling I will actually get up there again later this year.


8 thoughts on “Tahoe Adventures 2017

  1. haha. That makes me think about when my Mom wanted to take me to Cedar Breaks in Utah. She kept talking about if it was open yet or not- and it was June. When we went there was clearly a good bit of snow still on the ground. It is such a weird experience! Looks like your trip was a lot of fun. And that hostel looks awesome- so nice to have your own bathroom.

  2. I have never heard of Tahoe, but it looks pretty!
    I refuse to stay anywhere that doesn’t have my own bathroom!! Especially given the number of times I need to pee overnight.
    But your hostel looks very nice!

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