Tacos Vs. Burritos


28 Tacos VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue? 

Ok, two of the best foods known to man are going head to head in this fighting championship.


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It’s a close match! But, ultimately no one wins.

That’s right. No one! As much as I love both of these awesome sauce foods, I can rarely get my hands on a gluten-free *and* vegan burrito (thank goodness for whole foods – the only one I have found so far) and corn shells don’t like my tummy :/

So I declare the winner and write-in entry. Burrito Bowl!


I recently dined at Adelita’s in San Jose. I was a little skeptical as I haven’t really come across a Mexican food place I really like. Many seem to be fast food, the food isn’t great the food is cheap in price and quality. And they don’t seem 100% certain when I ask questions about things being vegan. Though Adelita’s isn’t vegan, I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire menu dedicated to vegans! Woot! I tried the vegan plantain burrito bowl and it did not disappoint!

Have found good vegan Mexican food where you live?

12 thoughts on “Tacos Vs. Burritos

  1. A plantain burrito bowl sounds interesting – I’ve never tried plantain, it’s not something I’ve ever seen in the UK or Europe. Personally, I could never choose a bowl when there is the option of wrapping food in bread. I’m lucky I don’t have any problems with gluten!

    1. Plantains are amazingly delicious. I used to live in Canada and had never even heard of them before moving to California, I think it’s the proximity to Mexico so I’m not sure you’ll see them. Haha, I do like a good burrito if I can get my hands on a gf wrap. Wrapped things are awfully delicious ;p

  2. I was thinking of burrito bowls and you with this post. We have more and more OK mexican food around here, but it is pretty standard fare. But I am pretty happy with beans, rice and veggies in a burrito, with lots of guac of course, so that is OK.

    1. I really like burritos – they are my favourite. Rice and beans all wrapped up in a delicious carby roll. It’s delicious! But the bowl is good for a lighter meal and easier than trying to find a vegan & gf wrap.

  3. Looks and sounds great! I blogged about my latest trip to Mad Mex about an hour to an hour and a half away. There are some options nearby me too just have to look and ask for them of course those being without the dairy that usually comes on and in it but still they can accommodate! YAY!

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