Swiss Eats – Eating Vegan in Zürich

Lucky duck that I am, got to head to Zürich Switzerland last month. You can read about (and see pictures!) here and here.  Although I had some pretty pictures in the last two posts, I know this is the post you’ve all been waiting for. The FOOD!!

swisseatschocolateI was most excited about the chocolate obvi! But after trying a few bars, I was disappointed. It seemed like nothing was really all that great. On our day trip to Liechtenstein, we found some vegan Swiss Dream Chocolate and man oh man was it good! We gobbled the entire bar in one fail swoop (we at least split haha ;p). YUM

As food was insanely expensive, I tried to be creative with food. We found a local grocery store and I made a fair amount of our meals. The grocery store actually had a fair amount of things and we found a really good health food store (Müller Reformhaus). Check out the goods I made:









It was fairly easy finding vegan things at the story, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a vegan croissant, tortellini & cheeze.




AND this coconut yogurt. The most delicious vegan yogurt that has ever graced my tastebuds. I can’t even describe to you how good this yogurt was. I was very sad at the prospect of never having it again… but I found some at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco today!!! Score!


Sooooo good.

We did go out a few times and I was on my own for a few meals and treated myself.

I had heard about Elle n’ Belle online. It’s a completely vegan restaurant. The service was great, the food was good. I found it a little pricey for what you got though. When asked what I wanted to drink, I asked for water not anticipating 5 swiss francs for a mineral water. Ah well. It was very delicious. The pasta was quite good and I really enjoyed the salad and bread that came with it. They have three items daily that you can choose from (English is not well spoken and there is no English menu) and have beautiful outdoor seating.




I think my favourite place was Vegelataria. When I read it about it online ahead of time, it was described as relatively inexpensive buffet style food. When I arrived, they were under construction. Fortunately, they still had some food set up outside. I was told it is much nicer with the full service inside, but I loved the food and the people were so friendly. I went twice because I liked it so much. And they make their own organic, vegan ice cream. Everything is organic, vegan and there are tons of gluten-free options. Very relaxed and cozy.








And lastly, we visited what is believed to be the first vegetarian restaurant in not only Europe, but the world! Hiltl is centrally located in Zürich.  Everything is labelled (not in English – but the word vegan is clearly marked on the vegan dishes). It was simply amazing. It is beautifully decorated inside and out, the service is impeccable and eating the food is like having an out of body experience. A gastronomic experience!











 If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend Hiltl and Vegelataria. Hiltl is fancier and pricier, but well worth the trip. Vegelataria is so good! It definitely makes my top 10 fav restaurants ever.


Mmmmm Vegan Ice Cream…

I noticed a few interesting food facts while in Switzerland. They eat SO MUCH healthier than Americans! The portions are normal and they don’t polish off their plates. The options are also much healthier. Sure, they have fast food, but it’s not nearly as prominent. In the grocery store we went to, I noticed an entire aisle dedicated to yoghurt and only a tiny little shelf for potato chips. Even though they eat significant amounts of dairy, they are a healthier people. They also walk and bike everywhere. And they are much more engaged with one another instead of their plates ;p

Have you seen Co Yo yoghurt? If you see it – snatch that stuff up! It’s amazing!

Where have you travelled recently with good vegan eats?

7 thoughts on “Swiss Eats – Eating Vegan in Zürich

  1. There is something so relaxing about eating in a vegan establishment when there is little english spoken – sounds like you got a good balance of eating out and eating in with lots of food food – I love the faux grass covered building and really want to do my house like that now :-) And I have tasted plain coyo but wasn’t so impressed because it was too rich and so expensive

  2. Looks like you did seriously well with the food in Switzerland Kimmy! Hiltl really does look beautiful on the outside as well as the inside, it’ll definitely be on my list if/when I visit Zurich.

    It’s so good when you can visit vegan restaurants abroad as it doesn’t even matter if you can’t understand the menu – sometimes the surprise is kind of nice 😀

    1. It was amazing! The food was pretty outstanding. I don’t have the opportunity to visit restaurants abroad often, so it was very nice to try some different things and enjoy some new dishes & atmospheres.

  3. My husband and I loved Hiltl and Vegelataria when we visited Zurich too! Such good food and I liked how they had veggies available in both places. Sometimes when traveling there are veg restaurants that have good food but do not offer actual veggies as a part of the meal – sometimes it’s just meat alternatives and carbs.

    1. Yea, I’m not a huge fan of fake meat, so I was loving all of the veggie dishes. They had such a great variety of things actually. I wish they had something like that close to where I lived.

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