Summer Lovin’ had me a Blast…

I went home to my humble little town in Ontario, Canada for two glorious weeks. Here are snapshots of my most memorable moments. (Side note… I am super behind on reading your blogs as the internet connection wasn’t great – and let’s be honest – I was outside having fun!)

Time with friends



Time with family



Beach days



Long walks with cute dogs


Last minute decisions to run a race (and beat my personal best!)


“Rush hour” highway traffic


Raspberry picking


Camping (in 107 degree weather…)



Potlucks, meals out (health food & junk food – here’s to balance)








Other people cooking for me yesssssss (thanks Sarina!!!!!)


SarinaDessert (1)

Sad times (visiting dad)


Happy times (making muffins with my mini-me)


Sister days (road trip!!)


I’m going to miss my family!


I had an amazing time. I’m so happy I got to see so much of my family and friends. It’s made me realize that although I absolutely adore living in California, it’s not a place of permanence for me. My heart is home in Canada and I will be moving back one day. But for now (and probably for several years), I will enjoy my place here =)

What has been your favourite part of summer so far??? 

What do you have to look forward to for the rest of summer?

12 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ had me a Blast…

    1. Ah yes, I really love my family. They are awesome. And my niece (mini-me) is such a cutie pie. She’s at a really fun age right now and I’m glad I got to spend time with her =)

  1. Looks like you had a really nice time.
    We are in winter here, but had a brief few days of almost summer (really spring, though it would be like summer for other parts) last week when the weather got confused!
    I’m stuck in compression stockings at the moment, so I was not amused.

    1. I had such a nice time! I am feeling a little homesick now, but am glad I had such a great visit.
      Ugh… I’m glad you’re getting a bit of decent weather, I really don’t like winter at all.
      Compression stockings? That doesn’t sound fun. I hope everything is ok!

  2. Oh it looks like you’ve had a lovely fun time with friends and family and have come back feeling rested and renewed. I am ever-optimistic that the sun will come out again in London. At least it’s not cold!!

    1. I had such a great time! Not feeling super rested as my mom is actually coming up for a visit next week and I’m going crazy trying to clean haha ;p Ah well. I can relax in a couple of weeks. I hope you get some summer sunshine soon!

  3. Wow the photos really say it all with happy times and good food – I don’t know where to start but the brownie sign made me giggle and I really wished to be there with you sharing all that food – and your happy vibes – glad you had a good trip and can keep connected to your town

    1. The brownie sign is pretty good ;p And they make the best desserts! So good! I wish you would have been with me too – I think you’d quite enjoy Canada.
      Thanks Johanna =)

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