Spirulina Snackies

I had mentioned a few weeks ago a fun hiking date with one of my bloggie mentors & hero Carrie from Carrie on Vegan. Aside from both being survivors of sucky thyroid cancer, we seem to have a lot in common. Like being vegans and wanting to eat nice & healthful things. I’ve been getting off track (again…) lately, but she really inspires me to want to eat healthier, the way my body prefers it.

In preparing for our hike, I made these little gems:

Well… actually I made these the other day, trying to replicate what I had made the day I met Carrie. These actually didn’t turn out quite as well to be honest, but they are still quite good. I really need to get in the habit of writing things down as I made them ;p

I have adapted these beauties from my in real life bestie, Sarina over at Earthgiven Kitchen. You can find her original recipe for cookie dough balls here. I left out the maple syrup and coconut oil to make them a little healthier… they also taste a little healthier if ‘ya know what I mean. If you aren’t avoiding liquid sweetener or oil, feel free to keep it in.

Spirulina Snacks

1/4 cup cashews

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/4 buckwheat groats

4 dates (reserve the soaking water)

2 tbsp gogi berries

1 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp spirulina

2 tsp coconut water

This makes 8 snack-sized balls.

First you need to soak your cashews, pumpkin seeds, dates & buckwheat groats for 4-8 hours (you can do this before going to bed the night before). I soak the cashews & pumpkin seeds together in one bowl, the dates get their own bowl and so do the buckwheat groats.

After the 4 hours are up, drain and rinse the cashews & pumpkin seeds and put them in the food process and whir that baby up until they nice & crumbly.Throw the 2 tbsp of gogi berries into a small bowl and cover them with warm water to soften them up a bit.  DO NOT drain your dates, take them out of the water and pit them and throw them in the food processor and mix it up until it sticks together well. Add the rest of the ingredients including 2 tbsp of the date soaking water and process until mixed.

Form them into little balls and put them in the freezer until there are firm. They make an excellent pre or post-workout snack. I especially like to bring them hiking =)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Spirulina Snackies

  1. These look good! I need I start eating better. I have been bad lately and have had a lot of cheese. This morning I have a rash on my neck, not good!! Not sure if it’s the cheese or not, I will have to pay more attention.

    1. I miss you too! We’ll have to talk about me heading out to visit you =)
      The ones I made you were SO much prettier… and tastier. I really should have taken pictures of those and carefully tracked how I made them. Ah well.
      Starting to feel better! Thanks Carrie.

  2. I guess I didn’t know you guys were near each other! Awesome!!! Carrie’s Cool! LOVE her blog!

    Great shirt :)

    Congrats on the run! I applaud anyone who can run! I’m soooooo not a runner :)

    The Spirulina Snacks look and sound wonderful :)

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