Snow Shoveling for Pizza

22nd: Silly food – What are some silly food traditions/memories you have?

What sort of chores did you have while you were growing up? Did you have to clean your room? Help with dishes? Take care of the laundry? My parents were actually very gracious about this and didn’t ask much of my sister and me. They wanted us to enjoy being kids and focus on school and fun. Pretty great of them actually – of course I didn’t fully appreciate this until I was out on my own. But something I did have to help with was the dreaded snow shoveling.

If you grew up anywhere in Canada or anywhere that snows, you will know my pain. I’m not talking cute, little white fluffy flurries. I’m talking mountains and piles of snow to the point of not having to do an upper body workout for weeks at a time.

There is actually a picture I have somewhere of my husband shoveling our drive from about 6 years ago where there was SO MUCH snow, he had to pile it next to the driveway and the piles grew to his height. I couldn’t find that picture, but here is an idea of an average snow fall.


But I digress. As a child, I liked snow – most do, it’s fun when you just get to play in it.


But when I got to the age of 10 or so, I noticed myΒ mom wasn’t much for shoveling and my dad worked shift work and lots of overtime. I wasn’t fond of shoveling at first, but my dad made a deal with me that for every time I shoveled, he would order pizza for supper (my absolute favourite supper growing up!). Snow shoveling got fun pretty fast haha.

I can’t find any pictures of me shoveling at a young age, or of us enjoying our pizza. But I hear this past weekend was the first snow fall back home and to celebrate not having to snow shovel yet again this winter, we made pizza!


Cheers to those who don’t have to shovel. For those that do, I would consider getting yourself a reward every time you have to πŸ˜‰

What are your silly food memories?

8 thoughts on “Snow Shoveling for Pizza

  1. Chances of me shoveling snow are zero. I would just have to order in bulk and hibernate for the winter until it melted and I could go out again. Heh.
    Snow and I are unmixy things. Freezing wet hard things, no thank you. I’ll be in the chalet sipping my vegan hot chocolate. πŸ˜‰
    No snow where I grew up!

    1. I feel like if it’s something you grow up with, you get used to it (without really having much choice). I really really dislike it though. I feel like I was not meant to love in cold places or have to deal with snow. It’s horrible. I’m with you in the chalet with the vegan hot chocolate!!!

  2. That snow picture looks frightening – I don’t know how well I would cope in a Canadian winter – and I am sure I would not be a fan of shoveling but I really like how your dad made it fun with pizza as a reward. And I like how you now can associate pizza with snow and family. Enjoy that californian sunshine!

    1. Snow is frightening. It’s terrible stuff. My dad was a smart man haha πŸ˜‰ I am enjoying the sunshines. Especially as I hear my family just had their first real snowfall of the year.

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