Snack Time (on the go!)


Just a few days of MoFo left! I want to finish strong. And today’s theme couldn’t be more perfect =)

29 What would you bring on a vegan road trip?

If we had to leave on a road trip right this second, here are some of the delicious things I could pack at the drop of a hat.


Rice cakes and travel nutbutter is something we always have on hand, it’s a staple in our cupboard. I am really digging the new Mary’s Thins kale crackers. So good! We tend to have larabars and Rawvolution bars on hand, which make excellent snacks. Emmy’s coconut macarons are super delicious. Flavoured nuts are fun. I like packing fruit. And I always pack chopped veggies to have plain or with hummus.

Just for fun, I checked the blog for snacks brought on previous roadtrips:








Oh! And I tend to make snacky balls:



What are your favourite travel snacks?


10 thoughts on “Snack Time (on the go!)

  1. You have picked some great stuff to take along. And your snackyballs are the bomb! We just make sandwiches and pack water. If hubby has his way, we have to stop and grab a bag of chips along the route. Makes the kids happy.

  2. I love the some of the stuff that you packed.I usually pack nuts, fruit, veggies, crackers, sunflower seed butter and some baked goods :) Your snacky balls look great!
    I couldn’t pack your buckwheat snack. Unfortunately buckwheat and I do not get along. Figured out that one long before the other allergies.

    1. Oooh sunflower seed butter – that’s a good one. I haven’t had that in awhile, I should pick some up (or make some!). Oh no… no buckwheat? That would make me sad. Maybe another grain could work…

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