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Do you remember kindergarten? It was all about making new friends. My favourite day was always show & tell because I would get to find out  what sort of things my new friends enjoyed. And I just love getting to know people. Perfect MoFo theme today!

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8 Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it. 

Right from the get go of MoFo, miss Susan of Kittens Gone Lentil commented on my post. I checked out her blog and was hooked! As we got chatting, we realised we had both visited Vegan Vida Con this past year. We probably saw each other, maybe even sat by each other without even realising it! Such a small world =) And in the spirit of show & tell, I would like to introduce you to Susan!

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She lives in Australia and loves cats. Her blog is super adorable and I think she is too =)

To get to know her better, I asked her some questions:

1) What is your hands down, all time favourite food?
Oh my gosh, so hard… the pressure. Mac and cheese is pretty high up there, though the dish on a menu I absolutely cannot say no to is Pad See Ew.
2) When did you realise you wanted to be a kitty vet? 
I wanted to be a vet as a kid, but changed my mind in high school. I ended up doing a course in horse science at uni and then decided to apply to vet school as a mature age student. I went into vet school thinking I would be a horse vet, but started to question that once I was there. Cats have always been the most important loves of my life, so about half way through my degree I realised what my calling was, and knew that a cat vet was the only vet I wanted to be! I got lucky with a feline internship straight out of uni, so I have only ever worked with cats.
3) You’ve been vegan for 15 years! How did you decide to go veg?
I was initially vegetarian for three years for ethical reasons, but I used to think that vegans were crazy people and that I could never live without cheese! Eventually I realised that I couldn’t keep ignoring the awfulness of the egg and dairy industries, and decided to go vegan. Two failed attempts at first, but third time was the charm and I have never been happier with a decision!
4) What do you do in your spare time when you’re not kitty-fixing or cuddling?
Cooking, baking and thinking about food take up quite a bit of time. But I love bikram yoga, and try to go two to three times a week, and I also have a PT session a week and do some walking. I also really love a lot of geek and genre TV, and I can easily spend hours watching (or rewatching) DVDs! I love geek events, and will be working at both the Brisbane and Sydney OzComicCons later this month. I like to read as well.
5) What is something you just can’t live without?
My cats, of course! But I assume that is a given. So something a bit random I could not live without is Lucas Pawpaw Ointment lip balm because I cannot bear dry lips and this is the best lip balm I’ve found.
6) What got you to start blogging?
I started taking photos of the food I was making at home, and wasn’t really sure what to do with it all, so I decided to start a blog to share them.
7) Just how many cookbooks do you have?
Just over one hundred vegan cookbooks at last count! And a few more lined up for my next order. And a lot more on my wish list.
8) If I invited you to dinner – how would I win you over with food?
I am pretty easy to win over with food. Just no capsicum, coffee or coconut oil! But if you really want to make me swoon I love any sort of berry dessert… if there is custard and pastry involved even better!
She’s been doing MoFo for quite a long time! You can find more about her from this survey she took during the 2009 MoFo.
Aren’t her kitties cute?!
Gizmo, may she rest in peace
Dim Sim
I’m so excited to be making new blogging buddies =) I didn’t really get a chance to last year, but I really want to this year. I hope you are making some new friends too =)

11 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. Sahara and Dim Sim are very pleased to be on your blog today, and I am sure Gizmo would have been as well. Thank you for such a nice post, and for being my blogging buddy, for MoFo and hopefully forever more. :)
    I just had a read through of that MoFo surgey from 2009 and saw that I mentioned that I wanted to veganise Tuna Glug in it… only took my six years! 😉

  2. It’s great that Vegan MoFo is helping people to find new vegan friends! Susan’s blog especially since her 2 favorite foods are my favorites right now as well. Who can say no to a good vegan mac & cheese? Plus pad see ew has been an obsession of mine for the last 6 months or so. :) Thanks for sharing Kimmy!

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