Sexy Back Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

“I’m bringing sexy back
Them other cakes don’t know how to act
I think you’re special, what’s behind your back?
So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack.”

Oh, these cupcakes. They are sexy! They are seductive. And oh so fluffy and delicious. Drum roll, please… and gluten-free! That’s right, I’m treating you to a delectably decadent, super sexy Valentine’s Day treat. And you can thank Ms. Robin for this. These are her babies, she created this recipe and is allowing me to share it with you. Well, the written version… I’m not sure how many of the physical version I’d be willing to part with 😉 But first, I think I shall make you jealous over the drool-worthy photos I took of an event we had this past weekend. In honour of Valentine’s Day, we had a cupcake baking party and it was so fun! Robin and I hosted it and provided the main ingredients for the base cupcake and then asked everyone to bring a fun topping or ingredient to make a bunch of different varieties. This was one of the funnest girls day out I’ve had in awhile.

Making our game plan

Batter ready to go in… almost!

Chocolate Chips!!

Freshly baked

Frosting time

I made my homemade caramel sauce

Caramel Cupcakes

Plain, chocolate cupcake with plain vanilla frosting sprinkled

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

Adding finishing touches


Robin serving cupcakes

Sexy Back Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

1 ⅔ cup of coconut milk
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
½ cup of coconut oil
1 ¼ cup of agave or maple syrup
1 tbsp of vanilla extract (or if you have a vanilla bean, crack that baby open!)
¼ tsp of almond extract
½ cup of tapioca flour
3 tbsp ground flax seeds
½ cup of almond flour
½ cup of rice flour
¼ cup quinoa flour
¼ cup of buckwheat flour
⅓ cup fava-chickpea flour
½ cup of cocoa powder
½ tbsp of baking powder
1 tsp of baking soda

Preheat the oven to 350°. Mix all of the wet ingredients together (including sugar).
Sift the dry ingredients together, then add the dry ingredients to the wet and mixing well.
Fill the cupcake papers 80% full. This should make around 15 cupcakes (12 to take to the party and 3 to keep for yourself–oink oink).
Bake the cupcake for 21-24 minutes or until you insert a toothpick into the center and it comes out clean.

Now here’s where you can get creative! We left some of the cupcakes plain to just ice and put fun toppings on. But for some, we mashed up some newman o’s and mixed a bit in with the batter to make cookies n’ cream cupcakes. We took some of the homemade caramel sauce and placed it in the centre of some cupcakes. We infused some cupcakes with some raspberry purée. We added some toasted coconut to some and lemon zest to others.

Basic Chocolate Frosting

½ cup of earth balance
½ cup of spectrum palm shortening
⅛ cup of non-dairy milk (you may not need it all, but have it ready, just in case)
1 tbsp of vanilla extract
3 cups of organic powdered sugar

Whisk all the ingredients, except the powdered sugar, together using an electric mixer. Sift in powdered sugar one cup at a time. Add more non-dairy milk as needed. This made extra.

Again – here is the time to get creative. We divided the frosting into separate bowls (6 I think). In one bowl, we added more chopped up newman o’s to add to the cookie centre cupcakes. We added caramel sauce to some frosting, lemon juice & zest in another. We used some of the leftover raspberry purée to make a nice pink frosting and topped the cupcake with a raspberry. You get the idea – have fun with it =)

Thanks to Robin for allowing me to share this awesome sauce recipe! ♥

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, I am all for bringing sexy back!
    These are absolutely perfect for today! Thank you so much for sharing your healthy, sexy and delicious cupcakes with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing!

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