I’m hearing more and more lately of people wanting to prioritize self-care as a goal of theirs. The first time I heard it (probably over a year ago), I thought it was a little strange. But as time goes on, I’m starting to realize just how truly important this is and am making it more central to my daily activities.

Sometimes I get off track though, I’m sure you can understand. We get so busy, running around, rushing from appointments, errands, jobs/volunteer gigs – out of breath and tired. Having my surgery last week was the perfect time to “reset” and focus more on me.

I honestly feel like I can’t properly take care of others if I don’t care for me. So here are some things I’ve been doing to take care of myself.


I finished reading the Hand Maid’s Tale recently – great book, I picked up and read A Dog’s Purpose in less than 3-days- AMAZING! and am just settling in to read Between the World and Me).  What books have you been enjoying lately?

Is there anything more relaxing than soaking in a body of warm water? Not for me! I usually just don’t have time and I feel super guilty since California has been in a severe drought for the past few years. But with all of the rain we’ve been getting (and because I couldn’t shower after my surgery for 5 days!), I have relaxed in some nice baths.


As I couldn’t watch tv for the first several days, I listened to some movies,  but that got boring. A few friends suggested some Podcasts (like Mortified which is completely hilarious!) and I’m starting to get more into them. Do you listen to any? Which ones?


This is something I have tried in the past, several times, and i never like it. I want to like it so much as I know it’s very good for the body, mind & soul. As I wasn’t able to exercise for the first week after my surgery, I challenged myself to a 31-day yoga practice. My friend Di showed me this online channel that follows a gentle yoga. One of my goals for this year was to stretch more and try a bit of meditation – this hits it all. I find starting my mornings with this gentle yoga, helps set the tone for the day and I’m more relaxed and happy for the day. And Adriene is just so completely adorable and her mantra is to honour where you are in the present – which is great for a yogi beginner like me and for seasoned pros like Di)


“Cheezy” Basil pasta made by my friend Katy


Tofu Scramble Bowl made by Di


S’mores Bowls made by Di

It’s important to fill our bodies with nourishing foods all of the time, but especially when we have inflammation in our bodies and/or are recovering from surgery or injury. I have been trying to make sure I have probiotics (kraut & coconut yogurt!) to counter balance the antibiotics I was given. I made soothing ginger lemon teas, ate lots of veggies & veggies. But I also had some not as nourishing things, like chocolate and take out food (especially since I wasn’t up for cooking) and I did this guilt free. I typically stress over everything that goes in my body, so this has been a welcome change. And I found myself incredibly grateful for the number of friends I had come by and make food or bring me food from my favourite places.


So. Much. Extra. Sleep. I am one of those people that generally gets 8 hours of sleep a night. I can manage on 7, but 8 is my jam. I already know the importance of sleep. But after having surgery, I need more sleep – I’ve been sleeping about 9-10 hours a night. I was wondering if that was bad as the days wore on, but of course not. My body tells me what it needs if I just take the time to listen carefully, and my body is still trying to heal & repair itself.

What are you favourite ways to take care of yourself?

13 thoughts on “Self Care

  1. Oh I try! It is hard though. Baths are one of my favorite ways to decompress and I really enjoy yoga as well.
    I’ve decided I can’t read A Dog’s Purpose… the preview for the movie had me crying within the first few minutes!!

    1. Baths are pretty awesome! I honestly thought I would never enjoy yoga, but Adriene has changed me =)
      Oh the book is so good Julie! But I will admit I cried several times reading it. It is one of those books and I can certainly understand why you don’t want to read it.

  2. Such a great post Kimmy! Self-care is so important but I have been skimping on it so much lately. Probably for the last year because of my classes.

    I just finished reading Big Little Lies. It’s the only thing I could do when I was sick and it’s the only book I’ve read that’s not school-based in probably 9 months. I’m with Julie, there’s no way I could read that book. It looks amazing but I’d get too upset when the dog does – I can barely watch the commercials.

    Good for you and sleeping – your body totally needs it! So glad you’re feeling better too!

    1. Aw thanks Mary Ellen. I find myself skimping on it, but I plan on making it a priority. It’s important.
      Oooh I heard that book is good actually, it’s on my to-read list. The book is SO GOOD though. It has so many warm fuzzies in it.

  3. I had a plan to do some short yoga at he start of each day – didn’t do each day but got some in which was a win! I need to read each night before I sleep and I have been trying to eat a bit better since the festive season weighed me down. Your plans sound like you are looking after yourself nicely. I like the idea of podcasts but find it hard to sit and listen but I love hearing the radio – esp the conversation hour if I am about in the morning.

    1. Some yoga is definitely better than none. I’m not sure how much I will do after this 30-day challenge, my goal is to just get some in =)
      I loooove reading before bed. It relaxes me (unless it’s an exciting book, in which case I end up staying up too late to read through it haha) and helps me wind down to sleep. Since my vision is returning… I’m finding a harder time listening to podcasts. They are nice when I’m doing kitchen prep work though.

  4. I’m trying really hard to make time for self care at the moment. With everything going on with Sahara, it is hard to think about other things (and also I feel irrationally guilty for doing nice things for myself). Yoga is a big part of it for me, I do bikram 2-3 times a week. I have also been trying to read more (though currently my brain is so jumpy that I am just reading short stories and cartoon books that I loved when I was a kid), and I have been listening to a lot of Buffy podcasts.

    1. You most definitely need some self-care after some stressful icky things going on :( You are so good with yoga, I need to be more like you. It’s so healthy and centering. Oh I used to love comics when I was a kid – what a great way to keep up on reading when you’re short on time. Buffy podcasts??? I’m intrigued.

      1. There are so many Buffy podcasts! I am currently listening to four. My favourite Buffy podcast is Babes Watch Buffy. It is an episode by episode intersectional feminist Buffy review and it is amazing! But I also have been listening to Buffering The Vampire Slayer Podcast (episode by episode, they have an original song at the end of every episode summarising its events), Dusted (episode by episode looking at it from a storytelling perspective), and The Magic Box (a more conversational thematic podcast). I finished my yearly Buffy rewatch a little while ago, so this is a nice way to keep losing myself in that world.

  5. Not sure if these will be up your alley, but the newest podcasts that I am listening to are Oh No! Ross and Carrie and Finding Richard Simmons. Oh No! Ross and Carrie is all about the hosts (Ross and Carrie) going to different religions, trying alternative medicines, etc and checking it out. I think they go in with a pretty open mind. It is actually really funny, but I know would be everyone’s cup of tea.

    Finding Richard Simmons is REALLY interesting! It is a mix of a bio-podcast about Richard Simmons and investigation about his sudden disappearance from the public. Although he was all about getting people to loose weight, he seemed like a really amazing fitness instructor, and probably one of the first major people to embrace all body types and helping with mental health.

    I have to agree- 8 hours is the perfect amount of sleep.

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