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I need to share with you something very near and dear to me. Something I love deeply. Have you ever fallen in love…. with a restaurant? I have! When I was on vacation in NorCal a few years ago, we tried this place out and I fell head over heels in love with it. I’ve gone several times since moving here and am always getting my friends on board to come with me. I have brought my meetup group and even my family. It’s cute and funky and has great service and fantastic food. It totally rocks my vegan socks =D

It’s called Saturn Café and is nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz (which happens to be my favourite city in the entire world!). It’s about a 45 minute drive for me, but it’s not a hard sell to get anyone to come with me as Santa Cruz is a really cute beach town with tons of fun stuff to do.


Not only is the food great – but the restaurant itself is really fun. It’s kind of shaped like a spaceship, with an outer space/50’s diner theme on the inside. Can’t really go wrong with that. Oooh and they buy local and organic when possible and are a certified green business!


Especially when the food matches (burgers, fries, milkshakes… but also salads and lighter fare; they even serve breakfast food like all great diners). And the best part – it’s completely vegetarian! And most dishes can be made vegan upon request and they have a variety of gluten-free options. I’ve been meaning to write a review of the restaurant for awhile and am finally getting around to it, so I actually have pictures of  food from a few different visits.

Mint Chip “Milkshake”

Portobello Burger (on a salad)

It’s funny because when I like a restaurant, I try something on the menu and if I really like it, I just get that same thing over and over again every time I’m there. Not with this place, I get something different each and every time as I can never make up my mind on what to try next.

Peanutbutter “Milkshake”


California Burger


Southwestern Bowl

Chocolate “Milkshake”

Vegan Breakfast


Breakfast Taters (brunch special)

Ok, so keep in mind, this was not me eating all of this food haha =) I also took pictures of the food my family and friends ate. But let me assure you that they have all claimed total and utter deliciousness when it comes to this food.

I think my favourite trip so far was today after a half marathon I ran (first one in a long time!). My friend and I ran it together and promptly headed to Saturn for some good eats.

Saturn Sliders (top left), Nachos (top right), Garlic fries (middle), Southwestern Bowl (bottom) and milkshakes

Um… so yes, there were only 2 of us. We had just finished running a half marathon… and our eyes were so much bigger than our stomachs. We actually didn’t end up eating even half of the food! Our husbands were quite happy with the leftovers though ;p This would be an 80/20 rule example – this is how I eat 20% of the time… well, actually, I don’t eat like this even 20% of the time. This was just a one off day for a special celebration. And it was tasty!

If you live in the Bay Area or will be near here on vacation, I strongly urge you to seek this place out. It’s what vegan dreams are made of.

Saturn Café is located at 145 Laurel Street in Santa Cruz, CA.

Tel.  (831) 429 – 8505

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  1. Ugh, you kill me with me these posts! I wish I never found your blog after you found mine 😉 It makes me want to go to CA so much…

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