Santa Cruz Adventuring

My weekend was  good mix of fun and productivity. It certainly didn’t leave time for relaxing, but I can’t say I’d change a thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving spring and loving every minute of the impending summer =D

Since I had an extra day I figured I’d get in a few volunteer shifts. Three in a 24-hour period to be exact. Figured I was due to catch up since starting my job I only have time for one or two a week now. So Sunny and I headed to visit a friend of ours in hospice care.


We also took the opportunity to visit our friend who is a war veteran and let him know how much we appreciate everything he did. I also subbed a dance class at the YMCA as some instructors went away for the weekend, and I figured I may as well get my dance on with a good group of people.

We had some friends for dinner Saturday and I made an EPIC meal. However, it was not very photogenic so it won’t be on the blog. I also met a good friend for lunch to catch up. And Sunday afternoon, we headed to Santa Cruz! It’s my favourite place ever I think (well, within driving distance at least).


We’ve been there so many times, but we tend to always go on the same walks, so we checked out some different areas this time.



Walking near water just makes me feel lighter and happier.


We worked up a good appetite! And there’s a great pizza place several blocks from the ocean that has some vegan & gluten options.



How was your weekend?


9 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Adventuring

    1. I wanted to photograph it so badly! It was SO GOOD. But sadly, it’s not pretty at all. Ah well.
      Aw wedding stuff is fun! Hope you find some downtime between all of your business girl!

  1. The weather was horrible here so we didn’t really do anything. Did get to sneak in a BBQ at my aunt’s house so that was something at least.

    All the volunteering you do is so nice – especially seeing the vet this weekend.

    I love your dress/shirt you’re wearing in the pictures – so fun!

    1. Aw bummer :( Sorry you had crapola weather. At least you got a bbq out of it.
      It’s totally my new favourite dress. It was not cheap… but hey, this girl’s got a paycheque now haha 😉

    1. Any weekend with pizza is good!
      Oh the epic meal. So it was sautéed shallots, garlic, celery & mushrooms – but I splurged and bought a fancy pack of mixed, expensive mushrooms (like 6 different kinds of mushrooms). Then I added vegan “cream” of mushrooms soup, some peas, nutritional yeast and beyond meat chickin’ strips. And put it in a casserole dish and topped with breadcrumbs and vegan mozza. I almost melted in a puddle while eating it, it was so good!

  2. I think being near water is good for the soul – that lighthouse pic is really lovely. Sounds like a great weekend with heaps packed in – we are halfway through this weekend and I am really glad that tomorrow is going to be quieter than today because not only have we been busy all day but I also went out for dinner which I don’t do much so it makes it a really long day

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