San Francisco World Vegetarian Festival

Good morning! This post is brought to you by my being super busy getting a meal ready for the thanksgiving dinner I’m attending tonight (and am SO EXCITED about). One of the sad things about moving to a different country where none of your family is present are the holiday meals. You can wallow in the depressing thoughts of your family getting together and enjoying each others company, catching up & eating delicious food together. I thought this would be my first thanksgiving in California. Fortunately, it wasn’t. I was invited to enjoy a dinner with a friend I had from university that had moved to NorCal a few years before I did and we reconnected. We’ve been celebrating together ever since =) If you come back here Wednesday, you’ll find an epically delicious thanksgiving recipe.

Anyway! On to veg fest. Ms. Robin and I checked out the fun event this year with our vegan girls group that we co-host. That’s right, when we aren’t busy little bees blogging and working on Healthy Vegan Fridays, we are trying to come up with fun things to do with our veg group – events like these.

I will admit that on the way to the actual festival, I was cursing and considering turning around and just going home. The event took place in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and normally this would take about 45 minutes to drive there. However, it also happened to share the weekend with Fleet Week and the air show meant heavy than the already ridiculous traffic heading into the city. We sat on the Bay Bridge for an hour. Fun times.

BUT! We arrived safe & sound and had a blast =) I unfortunately didn’t take many pictures, but snagged some of lunch.

Terry tried a vegan fried rice:

I went for a lighter, raw nori roll options as  I was full from all of the awesome free samples:

Some exciting things to be on the look out for: Seaweed Chips from Ocean’s Halo. These tasty little morsels are free of MSG and GMOs, are low in fat, gluten-free and protein-rific. No potatoes involved! They still aren’t super healthy, but they are a fun snack to enjoy once in awhile and the first ingredient is dried seaweed.

Ooh and anyone a fan of Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner? I am! But to be honest… I get lazy and tend not to want to make rejeuvelac. So how excited was I when I found samples of her vegan cheese at the festival? So excited! You’ll be finding packages of these in Northern California Wholefoods with expansion to come more in the fall and winter. I can’t wait. The samples were unbelievable!

Robin had fun too:

 All in all, a great veggie day =)

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