San Diego (take 2)

Terry and I visited San Diego last year as I had signed up for the Mermaid Half Marathon. We headed out again this year for the same reason.

Sadly, the place we stayed at last year was unavailable, so we stayed closer to the beach. It’s a super cute area… but kind of a pain to drive around.


Our first morning there was my race. I tried running with the 2 hour pacer bunny, assuming I’d have to hang back at some point. But I ran with and finished with him! And we’re friends now haha. His name is Cory and he was incredibly motivating and we had fun running! I finished at 1:59:04 – a PR by over 5 minutes for my half marathon.





We actually got to see a lot last year, this year we wanted to try and check out some different things and headed to Old Town. It’s a super cute area of San Diego and the streets are lined with older style buildings with candy shops, places to make your own soap, trolley tours and some museums.



We found Mermaids Cove! A mermaid themed store. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in San Diego. It’s adorable and has the nicest owner ever.


We bought many mermaid-y things, including an octopus Christmas ornament, a patch for my backpack, napkins, starfish-shaped earrings, measuring spoons (which I’m sure you’ll see more of!) and she threw in the mermaid soap.


We didn’t get out quite as much as we anticipated. We had both had a few stressful and overly-busy weeks beforehand and were pretty tired, so it was nice to just chill with our laptops, movies & books. It was a nice vacation.

Our last full day we checked out Balboa Park, which is a very large and cool park in San Diego filled with many beautiful gardens and many museums. Definitely worth checking out. It has some good vegan restaurants nearby and is kiddo friendly.


We checked out the air and space museum and saw Denise Mueller’s bike. She broke the world record of fastest cyclist (land speed) getting up 147.757MPH. Isn’t that amazing?


We also some some really cool replica and original aircrafts from the World Wars.


We hung around so long that we got to see the park at night.


And the morning we left, I got up early to take a walk around the beach. I love getting up before everyone is awake, it’s so quiet and peaceful.




We had a great time! Stay tuned for later this week – I’ll share our vacation eats.


9 thoughts on “San Diego (take 2)

  1. Congratulations on the awesome PR. πŸ˜€
    I am curious, how does the pacer person know how fast to run for the time?
    Looking forward to seeing your food.

    1. Thank you! The pacer has an app that they follow. They basically have to check it constantly to make sure they are running the same pace each mile. The food is coming!!! (in two days!).

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