San Diego Sights (and Mermaid Half Marathon)

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes on my half marathon! You guys are the best cheerleaders a girl could have =)

Last weekend, we made the trek out to San Diego so I could run the Mermaid Series Half Marathon. As it was our first time there, we decided to head up a couple of days early to enjoy some sights (there will be a separate food post as you know we ate ALL the foods).

A friend had recommended we check out La Jolla Cove, so check it out we did!


Absolutely beautiful. We were happy just walking up along the footpath seeing the ocean and watching the cute seals.


The weather really cooperated the whole trip. It was high 60’s and low 70’s which makes it warm enough to skip the jackets and cool enough not to be uncomfortable.

Our second day, we checked out Balboa Park.


As we were strolling around, I saw this beautiful structure!


We tried walking towards it not realizing how enormous the park is and found a freeway in the middle of it. We ended up making our way back to our car to drive to it. We discovered it is the Museum of Man. There are actually a ton of cool museums in the park, but we only had time for one, so we set our sights on this one.


It really is striking isn’t it? We saw exhibits on the history of beer (much more interesting than I would have guessed), monsters (for the kiddos, but I loved it), race, history of people and living with animals/pets.


I found it interesting that they actually had a whole section of the exhibit devoted on people eating certain animals, while passing on others. Why do some people find it ok to eat cows and pigs? But not cats and dogs? It really is an interesting dilemma.


Our third day was the BIG DAY! Half marathon day!! Here I am before.


Why yes, yes I did buy these fin-like tights just for this race. But you better believe I will get a ton of use out of them in general now that it’s over. I broke my golden rule of not wearing new clothing for a race, but it worked out ok, they help up great and are very comfortable.

I started off with the 2 hour, 15 minute pacer bunny. But after finishing the first mile in 10 and a half minutes, I ran ahead. I didn’t really have a time in mind for the race, just wanted to finish it and enjoy it.



I ended up CRUSHING it and finished in 2 hours and 5 minutes. My second fastest half marathon ever! It probably didn’t hurt that they had us run around Mission Bay and the views were glorious.


Special thanks to Terry for getting up at 6am on his day off, during vacation to drive me to the race and hang out for 2+ hours while I ran it. Best. hubby. ever.


I didn’t have much energy for the rest of the day. So we kind of lazed around, read, ate a lot of food and I crashed early. We did manage to check out Sunset Cliffs after supper though.


Parking can  be tough, but if you don’t mind walking, there is a ton of street parking a few blocks out. It’s well worth the trek.



I’ll admit – I fell in love with San Diego. We will definitely be going back. Sooner rather than later!


16 thoughts on “San Diego Sights (and Mermaid Half Marathon)

  1. What gorgeous photos!

    Congrats on the marathon!!! WOWZA! I’m jealous of those who can and do RUN. I was a sprinter years and YEARS ago but not anymore for several reasons.

    There aren’t many things in this world that I LOVE seeing more than palm trees!

  2. Awesome recap. Those seals in La Jolla are the cutest, aren’t they? I I have a postcard in my office that I got on my trip to San Diego and I look at it when I need something peaceful in my head.

    Congrats on the race. You’re amazing! I wish I could do that time! I LOVE the pants, now I want a pair too. :)

    1. They are SO CUTE! That’s a good idea. Maybe I should have a postcard haha 😉
      Thanks so much. I love the pants too – got them on amazon =) They are actually really comfy and not see through like a lot of tights.

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