Salted Caramel Nana Ice Cream

Anyone else melting in this heat??? Whooeee! I have been completely spoiled by mother nature living in Northern California and was surprised at the humidity this past week. I’ve been sipping smoothies and snacking on nana ice cream. And after trying some sweet Salted Caramel ice cream in Austin at Sweet Ritual recently, I was inspired to make this.

IMG_2196Have you had luck making banana ice cream? It’s so simple! The texture doesn’t always come out quite as nice as the store-bought kind, but you can’t get the same satisfaction you would of unwrapping a store-bought pint. And it’s waaaay cheaper, not to mention healthier to make your own!


Salted Caramel Nana Ice Cream (serves 4)

3 frozen bananas (be sure to peel them before freezing – I learned this the hard way my first nana ice cream attempt)

3 dates

1 cup of coconut milk (any non-dairy milk works, but coconut really adds a creamier texture)

2 tbsp of maple syrup

1 tsp of lacuma powder (optional, but recommended if you have it to help with the caramel-y flavour)

2 tbsp of pecan pieces

Throw everything in your blender and whir it up! At this point, you can enjoy as is, but if you’re looking for that true ice-cream texture, here’s an extra step.

Pour the mixture into ice cube moulds.


Put it back in the freezer and allow it to freeze for a few hours. When you take it out, throw it in your food processor. This may take a few minutes and you’ll have to stop to stir it up, but it’s well worth the effort.


I topped mine with crumbled up pecans and cacao nibs.


Mmmmm nana ice cream…

What foods are you loving right ?

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13 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Nana Ice Cream

  1. This looks wonderful. That is such a good tip about freezing it in ice cubes and then blending – I’ve had a couple of failed attempts at making coconut milk-based ice cream at home this month. Nothing seems to come out creamy like the other recipes I’ve seen, just a big frozen block 😐 Next time I’m trying this method!

    1. The food processor and ice cube tray really help with the consistency. And it doesn’t take much more time which is nice. Ideally, an ice cream maker works best, but I don’t have one, so this trick works out well enough =)

  2. It’s funny how I read this as I eat bowl of ice cream! I absolutely love ice cream; t’s my all-time favorite dessert. And this version looks like absolute perfection! Salt and caramel were simply meant to be together! I love how healthy this is! (It’s much healthier than this here butter pecan ice cream.)

    I recently made a southern cooking and baking blog.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Kimmy,
    OMG! What a perfect way to celebrate Summer! If I made this Nana Ice Cream I would eat it every day, it is just that good! I am so shared that you shared your Salted Caramel Nana Ice Cream with us on the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I appreciate it and I can’t wait to try your recipe. I’m pinning and sharing.

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