Robin’s Birthday and the 13 mile hike

This past week we celebrated Robin’s (vegandollhouse) Birthday. There is a new vegan  catering/meal delivery service in our area called Veganation and damn if their food isn’t ah-mazing. You will probably see a separate post with a review in the future. After having a bit of a stressful week, it was so nice to just hang with my girls and relax (and let someone else do the cooking!).

Happy Birthday Robin!


Look at this super cute sprinkle bow she got as a gift from Ashley (The Vegan Adventure). She also got some pretty cooking salts and I got her a unicorn bike bell to match her unicorn hair and style.



These girls crack me up.


And over the weekend I went for a hike with my friend Di. Shortly after moving here and I realized how awesome hiking is, I heard of a hike called Mount Diablo. It’s been a goal of mine ever since as it’s a very challenging hike. I didn’t want to do it alone as I tend to get lost easily (I once made a 2-hour hike into a 4-hour one after somehow getting off the trail). So Di suggested we tackle it together. We’re both crazy – let’s just get that out of the way.


It was by far the hardest hike I have ever done! It was 13 miles with an elevation of 3,800 feet. It also happened to be 90 degrees the day we picked, but neither of us had any free days in sight, so we trudged on anyway.  It took us seven hours with the heat, we considered turning around a few times, but persevered and were rewarded with an incredible view.



And we saw wildflowers all along the way.


Stopping for our picnic lunch was nice. Food never tasted SO GOOD!



I couldn’t move when I got home haha. I wasn’t particularly sore the next day fortunately.


It was totally worth it.


8 thoughts on “Robin’s Birthday and the 13 mile hike

  1. Well done on doing that hike! That sounds like some pretty hardcore hiking. I am glad it was worth it!

    The party also looks like a lot of fun.

  2. The party looks fun, belated Birthday wishes to Robin. Its so good to have a good circle of friends.

    Well done on the hike too, we took a walk up a steep welsh valley hill recently and it was challenging, nothing compared to your hikes, but the views were still amazing.

    1. I can’t imagine not having those girls, they seriously help keep my sanity in check.
      Thanks Shaheen! Walking up anywhere for some good views is always good, I’m a sucker for a good view.

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