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Have you ever tried eating food in a cone that wasn’t ice cream? Check these bad boys out!!

As you all know by now, trips to the Farmer’s Market is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend. And although the one in my town is easiest to visit, I like to venture out and see the ones in the surrounding areas to see what kind of fun stuff they have.

I could not have been more thrilled to check out the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto, CA and stumble across this most awesome food truck!

That’s right – veg, gluten-free & healthy!

Check out all of those options!

I’ve been to this truck a few times and had a chance to meet the owner, James who is passionate about raw, healthful foods and always has a smile on his face =)
I’m excited to share this great food with you as I think more people should try healthier options while on the go.
I asked for a few of his raw cones (and a little treat!) to go to take home with me and while I waited, I was offered a sample of a cone I had not yet tried (and must get next time I go!):

This is the Pilgrim’s Cream Cone. Sorry for the picture quality… I was intent on eating this tasty morsel ;p

These are the cones I brought home with me:

Forest and Earth Mushroom Polenta Cone (a tried and true favourite – can’t go wrong with a variety of mushrooms and some truffle oil to tingle your tastebuds)

The Ruben Cone (I gave this a try – I don’t normally like Ruben-flavoured things, but I really enjoyed the flavour pairings of the caper almond cashew cheese and the cultured, raw kraut).

This was also my first time trying the Italian Cone. I do not like arugula, but he manages to sneak it in the cone by way of pesto and it is delightful with the sundried tomato sauce and almond/cashew ricotta.


And after all of this… I did somehow manage to find room for dessert:

These Chocolate Haystacks are INSANELY delicious. I have actually tried to make something similar, and though mine turn out well, there is something almost magical about his. They melt in your mouth, and yet are chewy at the same time. The chocolate is good quality and very decadent – you only need one (I gave the other to Terry haha), and are guilt free as they are lightly sweetened with agave.

I love that James uses local and seasonal ingredients and using local produce when possible, and they leave out the crap. And the prices are very reasonable!

The food truck is currently at the Berkeley and Palo Alto Farmer’s Markets. If you are in the area, or will be visiting the area, I highly recommend trying them out. They manage to bring wholesome, healthful & good quality food at a reasonable price and everything tastes AMAZING =)

I recently came across this YouTube video of James as he participated in the Vegan Iron Chef – you should give it a watch.

You can check out their website here.

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