Quick and Easy Pizza

Hello fellow MoFoers! There are just a few short days left of MoFo. I found it getting a little overwhelming this past week, but am now sad that it’s almost over :(

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I really appreciate the prompts as it helps me settle on a topic and go with it. I found the theme of the day quite easy:

26 It’s cold and rainy and there’s a snow drift outside your door! What are you going to make using the ingredients you have? 

Pizza. Always pizza! I promise you I will ALWAYS have the ingredients to make pizza. Always.


As someone who has lived in Canada most of her life, I have experienced this scenario many a time. We always had some frozen leftovers in the freezer and some quick packaged foods lying around, just in case. And although living in sunny California will certainly not bring me in any danger of this scenario, I certainly have nights I am low on food and don’t feel like fighting with rush hour to get to a grocery store.

Quick & Easy Pizza

1 prepared pizza crust (I get a fantastic gluten-free one from Imagine It Bakery)

2 tbsp of pizza sauce (I usually just leftover marinara sauce from pasta making)

2 tbsp of homemade cashew cheese (optional)

a few handfuls of your favourite veggies (I tend to use mushrooms, bell pepper and marinated artichoke hearts)

a sprinkle of daiya or your favourite vegan cheese (optional)

Add the sauce and the homemade cheese first, then add your veggie toppings and finally the vegan cheese. Cook the pizza crust according to the package directions on a pizza stone or baking sheet. I like to serve mine with pasta or steamed greens.


6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Pizza

  1. Yay for pizza, it is one of my favourite foods. I love putting all sorts of things on it.
    This weekend in Sydney I had the world’s most amazing pizza. Literally. It was just tomato sauce, eggplant, pesto and basil but it was life changing. I cry now thinking about it.

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