Purple Carrot – a review

I’ve been curious about meal delivery services for awhile. I haven’t come across any vegan ones though, until The Purple Carrot. A friend of mine uses it regularly and really enjoys it, so I thought I would try it out. I was pretty impressed!


**These are my own personal opinions, this is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything for trying this service or for writing this post.

Everything arrived the day they said it would and they packed enough reusable ice packs to keep everything properly cold so as not to worry about food safety. The meals included colourful pictures of the meals with recipes. All of the food was separated into the 3 individual meals and clearly marked. All you need to do is prep & cook the food. It really does help save time with meal planning and grocery shopping.



They have a couple of options:

  • feeding 2 people three times a week
  • feeding 4 people twice a week

We opted for the 2-person option. So I picked the meal I thought would be best to make the first night, leaving the other meals for the next two nights.

Red Paella with Roasted Green Beans and Almonds


South Indian Coconut Pancakes with Homemade Chutney


Garlicky Greens Curry


All three meals were pretty good. I looked suspiciously at the first meal, thinking it wasn’t going to be enough for two people, but when I made it, it ended up being more than enough for two people and we had leftovers. To be honest, I found it slightly bland, but was surprised at how perfectly the rice cooked and overall really enjoyed the meal. The second meal was my favourite. I have never been successful  at making pancakes and these were even gluten-free. I followed the instructions exactly and was excited to make perfect pancakes for the first time ever. They were delicious and fluffy and filled with flavour. It wasn’t quite enough for two people though, so I made dal to go with it. The homemade chutney was a nice addition too! The last meal I was I wasn’t enthralled with. That’s not because it wasn’t delicious, I am just not a fan of mustard greens. The sauce really helped soften it and lent a good flavour. It wasn’t quite enough to cover up the bitterness for me though. Terry loved it on the other hand.

We opted not to continue with the service. We both really enjoyed it and if we both worked full time and had more income and less time, we would reconsider. But I enjoy cooking and have time to make us meals, so it isn’t something we really need right now.


  • high quality food
  • cuts down time on meal planning & grocery shopping & food prep
  • reasonably priced, working out to approximately $11.33/meal
  • options of having meals to feed 2 or 4 people
  • knowing the menu ahead of time
  • having the option to skip weeks/suspend service when you want
  • being able to cancel at any time
  • simple, easy to follow instructions
  • allows you to try new foods you may not normally try
  • completely plant-based
  • customer service is quick to respond and is very helpful


  • is a little pricy (pro & con as it is pricy on a budget, not pricy if you aren’t)
  • not always gluten-free and they can’t sub ingredients to make things gluten-free

Have you tried any vegan meal services?

12 thoughts on “Purple Carrot – a review

  1. I had the same pros and cons when trying the Purple Carrot too Kimmy – though I’m not gluten free I thought there should be an option for those who are. Matt and I have been doing 2 weeks a month for the past 3 months and it’s worked out well. They sound out the menu the week before and I check it out to see if we’re interested and sign up for it if we do.

    1. I like that they send out the menu in advance, which is handy. I cancelled our subscription and gave them my feedback, but would definitely consider trying them again =)

  2. This good likes a good initiative for when you’re short on time and I’m glad you liked the second meal in particular. I think I’d struggle with the cost of these initiatives, but like you allude too, I’m sure they’re cheaper than eating out or buying take-away (not to mention better for you!).

    1. It is pricey – though it seems very competitive with other services like that on the market. I think it’s cheaper than take out too, at least take out of the same quality and health value. Thanks Kari!

  3. That’s really cool! The meals seem nice as well… I will have to find out whether we have something similar in Montreal. It’s reasonably price, I think. After all, I end up paying more than that when grabbing lunch near work. A good option!

    1. The price isn’t bad, but not something I could afford long term for now at least. It is cheaper than take out for sure.
      I would love to hear if you find something similar in your area =)

  4. We don’t have any sort of vegan-friendly service like this that I am aware of around here. It sounds like it would be fun to try out, but not something I’d keep doing long term. I love cooking and I have too many cookbooks I need to be making new recipes from. 😉

  5. It sounds like Purple Carrot is much better than Blue Apron. I have heard so many complaints (and not even from the vegan aspect) How long do you think it took to actually cook the meals? I have heard consistent complaints about Blue Apron that it took MUCH longer than what the instructions say. One person even said they had to shell sweet peas for the recipe! I’ve done that before, and it can take awhile, especially if you’ve never done it before.

    1. I haven’t heard much about Blue Apron, but didn’t even consider them as I assumed they couldn’t do vegan. I definitely won’t try them out now ;p The food didn’t take too long to make, probably 30-45 minutes, which is typical for me anyway and I think that’s how long they said it would take. Shelling sweet peas? Damn. I feel like Purple Carrot is pretty good about sending everything ready for you.

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