I don’t know about you – but it’s been HOT here! It’s not so bad for me as it’s not humid, so it doesn’t bother me much. But, others are having a harder time with the heat.


Poor Sunny dog isn’t in love with heat. Fortunately, she has a good momma who is a morning person and doesn’t mind getting up even earlier (5:00am!) to take her for a nice, long walk before it heats up.

One of her favourite things after a long walk is a piece of frozen fruit. It helps cool her down a bit. Her absolute favourite food in the entire world is banana. Weird, right? If she is nowhere near me and I pick up a banana and start to peel it, she comes running over clear across the apartment to make sure she gets a piece. It’s pretty adorable. I wanted to think of a cool treat I could make her combining her favourite things. I also had some strawberries past their prime that needed to be used up.


Although I thought of this as a  fun treat for pups, I think it’d be great for the kiddos or even adults! Just add a popsicle stick in the mixture before freezing. They are super duper easy to make and they are great to have sitting in the freezer for a quick snack on a hot day.


Puppy Pops (makes 12 large cubes)

1 cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen)

2 frozen bananas (be sure to peel before freezing!)

1/4 cup of coconut or other non-dairy yogurt

3/4 cup of almond milk


Blend and pour the smoothie-like mixture into an ice cube tray. Throw the tray in the freezer. Be sure they are completely set before trying to remove them from the tray.

These treats are Sunny-approved!


 “I can has treat?”


 “Come on… quit making me pose for this and lemme at it!”


“Mmmm puppy pop omnomnom”

I added yogurt to this mixture to give her some probiotic benefits. You could make these any way you want, with different fruits, added veggies, dates, etc. Get creative & have fun!


Looking for other pup-friendly treats? Check out this vegan-friendly doggie cookie.

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