Puppy bake sale update

I recently talked about a bake sale I was co-organising. I will admit to you that it was incredibly stressful… but TOTALLY worth it. Not only was it super fun, but we raised a ton of funds for an amazing organisation.

Although the sign says “vegan options”, it was actually completely vegan. I thought it might be hard to get completely vegan donations – but it wasn’t at all! We had so many generous people helps us out! My friend Robin figured that since we were having a bake sale to raise funds for animals, we should have everything be animal free.

Not only did we have some awesome local business donate some fabulous treats (Imagine It Bakery, Cinnaholic, Alternative Baking Company, Zoe’s Cookies, Miglets, Aunt Nettie’s, Pepples DonutsRaw Daddy & Earth Balance just to name a few), but we had our friends, acquaintances & complete strangers offer to bake for the event. Whole Foods was even kind enough to donate take out containers so people could load up on delicious treats.

I of course took Sunny-dog with me considering she was the complete inspiration for this fundraiser =)

We had plenty of human treats to sell, we even had some homemade doggie treats!

We had gorgeous weather and a good crowd – can’t ask for more than that =)

Good thing we have amazing friends who helped out.

We ended up raising over $800 in just a few short hours! The DPS ladies got a little teary-eyed and were so very thankful for this donation. It’s going to help with their “broken dog” fund.

So  happy to have been part of this awesome event. It went so well, we are planning on making this an annual one. Have a great week!

Oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

ps. this bake sale has been taking up every last second of my spare time for the past few… I am really looking forward  to gettin caught up on your blogs!!!

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