Pumpkin Cartwheels


Yay Halloween treats! I have been thinking the past couple of weeks of what to make for this wonderful occasion (my favourite holiday). Then I came across these bad boys in the store and knew they had to be involved somehow:


So fun and cute! So I set out to make something with them. I wasn’t keen on making rice crispy treats as that’s been done. I wanted to make something unique. Something creative. And something utterly delicious.

Enter Pumpkin Cartwheels.


I made a batch the other day. Since I’m on a chocolate break (35 days strong!), I had to wait for Terry to come home to try them. I fully expected him to try one, say they were good and be on his merry way. That’s normally how he is when I ask his opinion. He tried one and said it was pretty good. Then suggested I add a caramel layer. Huh.


So I set out and made them again with his suggestion in mind. I happened to have Robin over for supper and got her to try them. I made her do a taste comparison. She thought the first version was pretty good. But the second one was apparently AMAZING!


She said they reminded her of a milky way knock off. But we didn’t want to call them milky ways. She asked me to look up names of other galaxies and we found the  Cartwheel Galaxy:


She says my treat would taste like this galaxy =)

Pumpkin Cartwheels (makes 12 mini cartwheels)
1 cup dark chocolate chips + 1 tbsp coconut oil
1/4 cup of Dandy’s pumpkin marshmallows + 1 tsp Earth Balance margarine
1 batch of caramel sauce (there will be leftovers for nice cream!)

Heat a small saucepan on your stove on low heat and melt the coconut oil and chocolate chips. Spoon a tsp of the melted chocolate into mini cupcake liners, ensuring the bottom is covered. You’ll use not quite half of the melted chocolate. Place them in the freezer to harden up. While they set, make your caramel sauce. Once the sauce is done, heat another small saucepan on the stove on low heat and melt the Earth Balance and marshmallows until they soft and liquidy (be patient, this takes awhile, but is worth the effort).

Take your chocolate lined cupcake molds out of the freezer. Gently place a tsp of caramel sauce and try to spread it out a bit on top of the set chocolate. Then the melted marshmallow mix. This part is tricky as the melted marshmallows are hard to work with, I found slightly damp hands made it easier to work with. Then top with the remaining melted chocolate and put in the freezer to set (at least 1 hour, the longer the better).


Terry also tried the new & improved version and thought they were pretty awesome. I’m planning on reintroducing chocolate next week and will be making another batch of these =)


I am sharing this spooky creation with Vegan Yofo Halloween Edition!

Are you excited for Halloween? 

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26 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cartwheels

  1. OMG these look AMAZING Kimmy! I was thinking that Cartwheels must be some sort of American candy haha but that is so awesome you named them after a REAL galaxy!!! I love this so much! Thank you for sharing at the Halloween #VeganYoFo <3

  2. These look amazing Kimmy! I’m always looking for new vegan treats I can eat and these sound delicious! If I can get my hand on some of those dandies marshmallows, I’m going to make them this weekend.

    That was so clever of you to look for another galaxy name. The picture you found is so cool! I love fun science stuff. :)

    1. I found the Dandies at Whole Foods, but surprisingly at a much smaller grocery chain too. So maybe you’ll be able to find them ok.
      Haha – I have to give Robin credit for thinking of using a name like that =)

  3. These sound like a lot of fun! You have awesome will power not to have sampled a couple, but it will make them all the sweeter when you finally get to eat a batch I am sure. :)
    Halloween was never really a thing in Australia when I was growing up, however now the gods of commercialism are trying to make it a thing and there was some Halloween stuff next to the Christmas stuff when I was at the supermarket the other day.
    I have been to a couple of Halloween parties here and there, but truthfully I am a bit of a Halloween grinch. 😉 But if I was in the US or another country where it was a part of the tradition I would definitely get involved!

    1. I am so excited to try them next week!
      I could understand not really being into a holiday that is new – especially when it really just started from commercialism. It’s really turning into that over here too sadly. I remember when I was a kid and my mom used to make my costume and the neighbour would make homemade treats (which you can’t give out anymore) and it was low-budget and fun. It’s really turned into something completely different now.

  4. Yum! Super Yum! These Pumpkin Cartwheels will be a hit at any Halloween bash! Who knew that making filled chocolate treats could be so easy. I can’t wait to try making these! Have a Happy Halloween.

  5. OMG Kimmy these look amazing! Every year around Halloween I sell my low-fat ways down the river…because Halloween candy. 😉 Anyhow, these look SUPER YUMMY–better than store-bought candy for sure!! I love [vegan] marshmallows and I love dark chocolate, so I’m adding the ingredients for these to this week’s shopping list. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. Hi Kimmy,
    These pumpkin cartwheels are simply irresistable! I am delighted that you shared this healthy and delectable chocolate treat with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.

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