Potluck Lunch

What is better than making one of your absolute favourite dishes and sharing it with your group of friends? Your group of friends who also each bring one of their absolute favourite dishes???? NOTHING. Nothing is better than making one super-fantastic meal and getting multiple dishes in return. =D

I love hosting potlucks! I love cooking for people and I love entertaining. Win-win situation =)

And since I’ve moved here, I have joined (and am now co-organiser) for a meetup group of vegan chickas. I have met some pretty cool people and have enjoyed some awesome food!

A newcomer to the group brought some lentil soup (the picture I took didn’t quite turn out) and this tasty salad:

It’s a black-bean, mango and quinoa salad. You can find the recipe here: http://www.theppk.com/2010/04/quinoa-salad-with-black-beans-mango/

Someone else brought this tasty salad:

It was her own creation so I don’t have a recipe to share. It kind of tasted like a salad you would find at a Whole Foods salad bar. It had tomato, black beans, chickpeas and was tangy. Try as I might, I can never quite reproduce these, she seems to have found the trick to it.

Another potlucker brought a vegan and gluten-free lasagna:

She made her own ricotta nut cheeze and the dish was full of spinach and mushrooms. I obviously need to experiment more with nut cheeze!

Another girl brought homemade chickpea hummus as well as white bean hummus (I didn’t get a picture for some reason…) and I now remember why I used to make my own instead of buying pre-packed store bought stuff. The texture never comes out quite right for mine, she had made hers in her vitamix. I need one of those!

I made pineapple rice. I decided I wanted to try serving the rice in an actual pineapple and was quite pleased with how it turned out:

Stay tuned for a blog post featuring the recipe. It’s pretty easy to throw together if you don’t want to serve it in a pineapple boat ;p

I also made cheezecake:

I took a few shots to wow you with my ever improving photography skills. And to make you jealous of the awesomeness haha ;p

You need to go make this. Right NOW!

I found it on my favourite celebrity blog, Ms. Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life: http://thekindlife.com/blog/post/alicia-silverstone-vegan-cheesecake-strawberry-dessert. It will not disappoint.

I had been putting off making this as it looked like a lot of ingredients and complicated to put together, but let me put your mind at ease, that it took me just 30 quick minutes (after soaking the cashews) to throw together. I didn’t even have a spring form pan, I just used a casserole dish. It does cost a bit more than I normally spend on desserts, but it was super decadent and would be the perfect thing to make when entertaining.

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Good food, good company!

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