Portland Trip (aka Vegan Paradise)

Have you ever thought of going on vacation but weren’t quite sure where to go? Are you tired of going to the same places over and over again? Are you tired of scrounging around for FOOD? Search no more as I have the perfect travel destination for anyone! It has lots of fun outdoorsy things to do, it has lots of cool indoor stuff to do, great sights to see and the best part, loads of vegan food.

Oh and they are serious about biking everywhere… even more than California.

My hubby and I were there recently and loved it. We are already trying to figure out when we can go back! I had heard that there was a fair amount of vegan eats and I was intrigued and we have some friends there and wanted to visit them. Win – win. But I had no idea how cool of a place it would be.

The city and nature collide on a regular basis – probably my favourite thing about the place. This vacation was on a budget as only one of us works right now, but that is not hard to do. We found a great place to stay on airbnb.com and it was a short walk to this lovely park.

Our first stop was to check out some doughnuts =)

We didn’t realise there would be an hour wait… but it was totally worth it! These gems are sadly not gluten-free, but I was psyched to see how much of a selection they have for the vegan variety.

We did some shopping next.

A vegan grocery and clothing store. Side by side. Oh the convenience. Food fight grocery is probably the coolest little health food store I’ve ever trekked into. It didn’t hurt that I was in a city I’ve never been in and they had some cool things I have never seen =) The staff are super friendly too! And Herbivore is pretty great! They have super cute shirts and vegan belts (which are hard to come by!) among other cool things.

Check out our haul:

Well… a little chocolate oriented. But I love how Food Fight had super cute little snack-size chocolate bites. The cupcakes weren’t the greatest, but they were free as they were expiring. The caramel cashew raw chocolate bar was absolutely amazing. Oh my goodness. And I love the new t-shirt “Only Kale Can Save Us Now”This is true… especially after a healthy dose of chocolate ;p

We grabbed lunch at Canteen as I’ve heard a few bloggers mention it. I was not disappointed.

The  raw taco salad was quite delicious! Terry wasn’t feeling too hungry as Portland was experiencing a heat wave. So he tried a green smoothie and a ginger shot. That man is made of steel! I could barely have any of the ginger shot on my tongue and he gulped it back in a few chugs. Anyone out there able to handle a shot of ginger? It is potent stuff!

And our trip wasn’t completely about food… We did see some pretty cool things too.

We went to the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden and it was beautiful. The last picture shows a view of the city from the garden. The garden itself had some roses I had never seen before, like the lilac coloured one pictured above.

We also saw the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

And absolutely no vacation would be complete without having gone into a bookstore!

Now this is for all you book lovers out there. Portland has the largest new and used bookstore in the WORLD! How cool is that? Terry and I put enough money in the (super cheap) parking meter for about an hour and had to come back to put in more money for another hour. And I think we could have easily stayed another. We only made it into about 3 sections!

After a lot of walking around during the day and bookshopping, we were ready for dinner!

This was my favourite restaurant that we checked out while in Portland – I highly recommend it. It’s set in the heart of downtown and shares space with a yoga studio for that ultra hippy vibe. It is quite cute and everyone is very friendly. And the food – oh the food! I got a smoothie and I have to admit, I wasn’t super impressed with it, but my food was incredibly tasty! I tried the Chili Bowl and Terry got the Urban Bowl and we were both very satisfied with our meals. Terry opted to add sea veggies to his and it was a nice touch to the already tasty bowl. And I fell in love with my chili bowl. YUM. And the dessert more than made up for the smoothie. The texture was amazing – just fluffy and melty and light. I could tell they used real vanilla bean instead of just extract and the hints of chocolate were wonderful.

And no trip could be complete without a trip to Whole Foods!

Terry and I have a bit of a running joke to add new locations to our Whole Foods list of stores we have visited. It’s getting quite extensive at this point!

Well folks, that was one short day of our trip and I’m sure you are exhausted scrolling through these pics. So I will save the rest of the trip for a future post. Be sure to watch out for even more incredible views and some more good vegan eats =)

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Portland Trip (aka Vegan Paradise)

    1. What a fantastic place to vacation! Most of the things ended up being suggestions of yours from your entry about your recent trip there – so thank you for all the great advice!

  1. I need to visit Portland at some point – it’s clear on the other side of the country for me, tho! LOL

    I’ve heard wonderful things – WONDERFUL things! I know I would love it there!

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