Portland Trip (aka Vegan Paradise) Part 2

So we last left off with a summary of days 1 & 2 of my Portland trip. Lots of great eats, some fun shopping & sights. We crammed a lot in those first couple of days, and even more in the next couple!

Day 3 started off with some breathtaking views from Vista House.

One of Terry’s co-workers had mentioned we should check out Multnomah Falls and we didn’t get a chance the first couple of days, but our host at our bed & breakfast highly recommended it and assured us it was a short drive away. We hopped in the car and a mere 20 minutes later, we were enjoying these sights:

A girl could get used to views like this. I thought I had my awesome sight overload, but our wonderful bed & breakfast host said a short drive from this awesome scenery was even awesomer scenery (scenery this awesome deserves made up words!)

Oh yes. Check out how gorgeous these falls are!

Apparently you can walk up a short trail to get up to the bridge pictured above. Unfortunately it was closed when we were there, so this warrants another trip at some point.

I can’t even describe how beautiful these falls were. My pictures do not give them the justice they deserve.

We then drove to McMenamins Edgefield to check it out. It’s a nice little plot of land with a hotel, wine tasting and little shops, including glass blowing.

We actually got to see how it was made. Very cool!

Then we took a little drive down the road to Troutdale which is a pretty cute little town with some antique stores. We just kind of window shopped and strolled down the main street. We came across the general store which had it’s entire downstairs dedicated to seasonal decorations. Read: Christmas in June!!! Pretty fun =)

I was getting hungry by this point, so we trekked on over to the Blossoming Lotus for lunch.

Terry got a fresh juice with the raw nachos for his meal. I had been considering getting them, but generally don’t like to order the same thing as him so we can share each others plates. I should have just ordered them as well though as they were divine. His meal was perfect for a hot summer’s day!

I opted for the Green Goddess bowl and was very happy with it. The kale was steamed perfectly and the avocado dressing was quite tasty.

We had a nice walk after lunch and relaxed a bit. We then grabbed a quick snack before heading to our friends place. I will give you a little teaser of our snack, but I fully intend to give them a proper review in a future post, so I don’t want to post all of the pictures yet.

Let’s just say it was a bakery in Portland dedicated to vegan & gluten free eats. And they ROCK MY SOCKS! =D

Friday evening was spent having dinner with friends and catching up. We spent the night there and Saturday involved wandering around the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, which had a very cool mummy exhibit. Perfect way to end a fantastic vacation.

All in all, I love Portland! I think you should all go visit it =)
I want to give a shout out to one of my fav bloggers, Carrie from Carrie on Vegan, who recently went to Portland and posted about her trip giving me good ideas for my own trip. Thanks Carrie!

Hope you get a chance to check out Portland someday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Portland Trip (aka Vegan Paradise) Part 2

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Portland, and this just sealed the deal–it’s going on my to-visit list! That waterfall is spectacular, and an organic vegan cafe for lunch? Perfect! All I have to say is that the East Coast has a little catching up to do…;-)

    Glad it was a great trip!

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