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Want to try a great protein powder? I’m giving you a chance by commenting on this entry. One lucky reader (US residents only) will receive a 1lb bottle of PlantFusion (flavour of your choosing) along with samples of other flavours to try. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me tell you a bit about PlantFusion.

I was pretty happy to be approached by PlantFusion for the chance to try their product and give a review. I’m always on the hunt for new protein powders as I like to switch things up every now and again. They sent me 5 flavours of their protein powders to try and a couple of their “meal shake” powders as well.

The first thing I noticed about PlantFusion it is vegan (otherwise this would have been a no-go haha). The other things I look for in smoothie supplements are that they are gluten free (this isn’t tough) and soy free (this is tough). Plant Fusion has this going for it and more:

Overall, I was impressed with the powders. I tried all of the flavours and enjoyed them all except chocolate raspberry (but I’ve never been a fan of that combo), with my favourite being vanilla bean. A big plus I noticed with these compared to others I have tried in the past is how much more filling they are. Sometimes I need to have a morning smoothie with a bit of powder in it and a slice of toast to keep my energy up on days I have to teach cardio-intense classes at the gym. The first time I tried a smoothie with PlantFusion, I noticed I was starting to get full about 3/4 of the way through my smoothie and was full by the end. It sustained my energy through a tabata class and the rest of my busy day until supper (I only had time for a small salad at lunch and had to run around the rest of the afternoon).

PlantFusion isn’t chalky either. This is a serious pet peeve of mine, I can’t stand chalky powders. Ok… I know it’s “powder”, but I don’t want to drink a chalky smoothie :/ Yuck. It helped thicken the smoothie nicely too as sometimes mine get a little watery. I’m not a huge fan of flavoured powders, but the chocolate and vanilla bean were both quite good.

The only drawback to the powder is that they sweeten it with fructose. I generally avoid any sort of added sweeteners to anything I buy and I found them a little sweet. But I made a few dessert smoothies and they were pretty good (recipe below for one of them). They do mention that it is at least low glycemic load though, so that is a bonus. Now the Phood meal shake powder does not have fructose in it and is sweetened with Stevia (which I have no problem with) and Erythritol (which I’m not a fan of). This was the only thing I didn’t really like and I was very happy with their protein sources (pea, artichoke, amaranth, quinoa and algalin) – there are 21g of protein in 1 serving! They even put in some probiotics to make it easily digestible.

I wasn’t really sure how to try the Cookies n’ Crème flavour and was inspired to make a dessert smoothie out of it =)

Orange Cookies n’ Crèmesicle

1 orange (frozen)

1 banana

1 scoop/packet of Cookies n’ Crème PlantFusion Plant Protein

1/2 cup orange juice (the juice of about 2 medium oranges)

1 cup of coconut milk

2 tsp cashew butter

1 tsp lacuma powder (or vanilla extract or vanilla bean)

Throw everything into your high speed blender and blend away my friend!

You can enter this giveaway simply by commenting with which flavour you would like to try and I will randomly select a winner next Monday.

For more info, check out their website or facebook page.

**Contest closes Sunday, February 2, 2014

21 thoughts on “PlantFusion Review & Giveaway

  1. I think I wouldn’t be able to resist that chocolate raspberry! But I’d be more interested in having the unflavored version in my cupboard to mix in with anything. :)

  2. I’d love the vanilla bean – that was my fav flavor of ice cream back in the day – anything made with the bean is better than the extract.

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