Pineapple Pudding


My husband, Terry, recently celebrated a big birthday. I know what he really wanted. To go to Japan. Since we had already committed to some travel plans this year and trips to Japan ain’t cheap! We are putting it off for now. So for his birthday, I threw him a surprise party and tried to bring Japan to him.


Homemade Sushi




Hello Kitty Rice & Bok Choy – thanks Vegandollhouse!


Sushi wrapped in coloured soy paper


Homemade Seaweed Salad




Hello Kitty Spirulina Cupcakes

I spent the day decorating (forgot to take pictures), and making sushi seaweed salad, miso soup and a ton of sushi filling while my friend Di made cupcakes and rolled the sushi. I did all of this after breaking my toe…


Thank goodness for Di. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do everything without her. As a solid foodie, I completely forgot to take pictures of people. Argh! I blame it on the broken toe 😉

Because I threw this party well over a week before his actual birthday, I felt the need to make him a special meal on his actual birthday. His favourite thing I make is Pineapple Boat Stirfry. I only make it once a year as it’s a little labour intensive.


And I made him pineapple pudding for dessert. Can you tell he loved pineapple? Who doesn’t?


You can have this as a standalone, or add some homemade coconut bacon. Mmmm.


Pineapple Pudding 

1 cup of full fat coconut milk, stashed in the fridge overnight to harden

1 banana

1/4 cup of pineapple juice (I just used the juice from fresh cut pineapple I bought at the store)

1/4 cup of shredded coconut

Blend everything until thick & creamy. I took two wine glasses, layered in some thinly sliced pineapple, then the pudding, more sliced pineapple, more pudding and finished it off with diced pineapple. Then I topped it with some homemade coconut bacon.

Coconut Bacon

1/2 cup of thick shredded, unsweetened coconut

1 tbsp of oil

1 tbsp of soy sauce or coconut aminos

1 tsp of maple syrup

1 tsp of rice vinegar

a dash of liquid smoke

Combine all of the ingredients and allow the shredded coconut to marinade for several minutes. Bake it for 5-7 minutes at 300. Be careful to watch it carefully, it can quickly & easily burned. Especially if your toaster oven is on the fritz…


Well, at least some of it was salvageable.


Happy  Birthday to an amazing person. My husband, my best friend and partner in crime. I celebrate the love of my life. The smartest & funniest person I know. Someone I want to wake up with each and every morning. Someone who helps me with the small things and the big things. Someone who makes me laugh, someone who is there when  I cry. Someone who makes me want to be a better person.




I’m sharing this recipe on my favourite bloghops: Healthy Vegan Fridays & Plant Based Potluck Party

20 thoughts on “Pineapple Pudding

  1. That party looks amazing! What a nice thing to do for your husband for his birthday! I loved those little Hello Kitty rice balls and cupcakes – such wonderful ideas!

    I think I’m going to need to make that pineapple pudding soon, I’m obsessed with anything pineapple especially when the weather starts to get nice.

    1. The party was great! I just can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of people.
      The Hello Kitty things were pretty cute =)
      Yup – my pineapple cravings started kicking in over the past couple of weeks. Mango is starting now too ;p

  2. Happy birthday Terry!
    What an amazing spread, I love the Hello Kitty treats. That reminds me I got a Hello Kitty onigiri press once… I must dig that up.
    I love that you put coconut bacon on the dessert, that is perfect!
    Hope your foot is better soon. xx

  3. Mmmmm. Your coconut pudding looks so good! With my old eyes, I have to squint to read this light grey font on the white background, but I can just make it out, so I hope to try your recipe soon. I wish we old folks could darken the font ourselves so we could see what all the youthful eyes see so readily! But I have a pineapple sitting on the counter top right now., so Yum!

    1. Oh Kathryn, updating my font has been on my to-do list for sooooo long. Thank you for reminding me again, I will get that fixed up soon! I appreciate your feed back. Thank you for the kind comments on the pudding, I hope you enjoy it =)
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Adorable selfies, and what a sweet birthday gesture!! Your hubby is lucky to have you. :-) I’m also loving the food–the Hello Kitty rice balls are fantastic. The pudding looks amazing, too. Sorry about your toe, though–broken toes are the worst!

    1. The selfies were fun ;p Thank you Lee! You are so sweet =)
      It’s on the mend, I think it’ll be 100% back in about a week or two.
      I hope you are having a fabulous weekend Lee!

  5. This yummy layered Pineapple Pudding is my kind of happy, creamy, healthy, satisfying comfort food. And I love learning how to make coconut bacon! Thank you for sharing this delectable dessert with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  6. YOU are an amazing wife! What a spread you created. I love how colorful and fresh everything looked. But your poor toe! That gets you extra points for sacrificing your toe through the food prep. 😉 I hope you’re resting well and feeling better soon.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you =) Let’s hope he remembers this when my birthday comes around in a few months ;p
      My toe is basically better. I did rest up and I think it’s just about healed.

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