Pictures that make you feel like a million bucks

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0013Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

Have you ever hard professional pictures taken? I think some of you may have as you have GORGEOUS headshots for your blog… whereas I just randomly find whatever half decent picture is lying around and crop accordingly. Heh.

We didn’t even get a professional photographer for our wedding… the woes of two broke students. So imagine my surprise when I entered a wellness challenge in the fall to discover one of the many amazing discounts I could take advantage of was a photography session with the AH-MAZING Monica Dawn.

Check these bad boys out:

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0001Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0006Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

Aren’t they completely stunning?!

We actually set a date to take the pictures back in the fall. But between illnesses on our part and so. much. rain. we had to reschedule a few times. Finally we decided to just wait for the spring and I’m so glad we did as these turned out far better than my wildest expectations. The lighting is perfect, and seeing all of the greenery and flowers as our backdrop makes the pictures bright and beautiful.

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0026Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0029Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

She really captured our happiness and love for one another. And don’t get me wrong, I love the somewhat random, candid photos we have around the apartment of us over the years, but hanging these up is definitely more grown up. I LOVE them.

Was it cheap? Hell no. Was it reasonably priced for the service and professionalism we got? You bet! She worked with our schedule and even included Sunny in some of the pictures as I expressed how important she is to me as part of our family. And getting Sunny to pay attention and look happy on command is no easy feat.

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0039Image Courtesy of Monica Dawn Photography

My favourite part? After having the pictures done, she finished processing them quickly and efficiently and sent me a link to her website for our own online photo album. I was then able to pick the ones I liked and order the sizes I wanted. She has loads of options from hard cover books to canvas wraps, even mini wallets.

I highly recommend getting professional pictures done, if you are in the Northern California Bay Area or Central Valley, you should definitely reach out to Monica Dawn. I’m so glad we did.

0500817 Murphy-Vaskor_0020

11 thoughts on “Pictures that make you feel like a million bucks

  1. These photos are beautiful! I really especially love the one where you’re cuddling under the tree. Reminiscent of the Garden of Eden!

  2. I think everyone should do professional photos once in their life. My Mother in Law was very vocal about us hiring a photographer (I wanted to just have a friend take some.) We were lucky to hire a newer photographer and got a fairly cheap deal for engagement photos and wedding photos. She is now MUCH more expensive (understandably) and I am happy to spent the money. I usually have friends who take bad photos and seem to be oblivious about it. So it was nice getting photos and thinking “DANG! I look good!”

    1. That’s good that you got her! It’s definitely a nice thing for a wedding.
      I don’t regret what I did for my wedding, but I’m so glad I got these done now and maybe we’ll do it again down the road.
      I LOVE how pretty they make us look =)

  3. these are really beautiful – I love how you both wore blue and brought out the colour of your eyes – I am not sure I have had a professional photoshoot since school (oh yes we had a photographer at work a few times). The ones with sunny are really cute too – such a nice idea to include her.

    1. The blue was my idea, I love that colour =) Thank you!
      Well, Sunny is our family, I imagine this as big as our family gets unless I finally manage to convince Terry to get another dog.

  4. Oh, these are so fantastic! I have never done a shoot like this, but we did end up with a professional photographer for our wedding, even though we didn’t intend to – someone just starting out offered to photograph for free if they could use our shots as part of their publicity! With hindsight I am so glad we had that opportunity as I relish the photos they took but doing a shoot just for fun would be, well, fun. The photos are really beautiful and I love how happy you look as a couple :)

  5. These are just gorgeous! I love that you were able to include Sunny in them as well.

    I don’t think I’ve had professional photos taken since I was little (graduation photos excepted).

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