Pick 3 and life in NorCal

Jennifer along with some lovely co-hosts are hosting a new link up party called Pick 3. You can pick 3 things of anything you want to, no set rules or anything. She has suggestions if you need help getting started though. I decided to go with:

* NEW Vegan Products you tried and enjoyed


1) 365 Organic Pizza Sauce
I picked this up at Whole Foods. I have been trying to be more budget friendly and realised the pizza sauce I normally buy is quite expensive. I go through it slowly and don’t buy it often, but figured I could stand to try something cheaper. This is the least expensive organic pizza sauce I found at Whole Foods. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was very reasonable and I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I like it quite a bit more than my usual more expensive sauce.

2) Perfect Fit Protein Powder
I have been on the hunt for a protein powder I would like for over a year! I have tried over a dozen different kinds and have found them to be too chalky, taste funny, clump up, not have enough protein, have fillers, etc. I especially had a hard time finding powder without stevia in it. I found this online, it’s made by Tone It Up and I like working out with their videos and figured I’d try their powder. Can you hear “At Last” by Etta James playing? ‘Cause I sure did when I tried this powder! It’s vegan & gluten-free, has no stevia, isn’t chalky and has an excellent, yet not overpowering taste. I love it! Oh and it has 15 grams of protein per serving. Score!

3) Coyo Yogurt
ZOMG. Best. Yogurt. Ever. This isn’t actually all that new. I tried it for the first time over the summer, but I don’t have it often as I can only find it at one store alllll the way in San Francisco. It actually has stevia in it, which I am not normally a fan of, but I can’t really tell when eating it.

**These are my own opinions, I received no compensation for this post.

And now… for life in Northern California.

My friend Di and her boyfriend put an art show this weekend and it was very cool! I love hanging out with cool art/music people! They upcycled some things found around that no longer had use to others and made cool stuff out of it.


Check out the chicken bar!


Golden Gate Bridge ping pong table


Very cool.

We also recently checked out a Very Vegan Sundays – a vegan food truck event:





The food was amazeballs. Terry and I got burgers. Our friends tried pizza and burritos. We also all got ice cream (not pictured… eaten too quickly haha). YUM!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. We are actually celebrating tonight, I’ll be back Wednesday with pictures and recipes.

9 thoughts on “Pick 3 and life in NorCal

  1. I use to not understand why people would complain about stevia in protein powders. I guess I never noticed since I tend to stick with straight powders (like just pea protein, just rice protein, just hemp protein, etc) and use them by the tablespoon. Until I tried a powder mix that was SOOO sweet! I couldn’t mix anything with it other than unsweetened soy milk! I think I remember someone else saying they liked Perfect Fit, I should give it a try one day.

    1. I can’t believe how many powders have stevia in them! I try to find ones that don’t, but they crop up in more and more these days. It just gives everything a funny taste :/
      I really like the Perfect Fit. At first I thought it seemed a little pricey, but definitely no more than others I see at the store and the container is quite large.
      Thanks Jennifer =)

  2. What a great post and thanks for linking up to PICK 3 for Vegan YoFo!!! I was going to do another Pick 3 post later today, too! SPoiler Alert…it will be PICK 3 Raw Foodies I’m digging on YouTube the last few months!

  3. oooh, that yogurt sounds good. That’s one thing I haven’t found a really good replacement for since going vegan.

    That chicken bar was so funny! Very creative.

    I love Tone it Up videos! I used to do them a few times a week before I hurt my back. Those ladies do a great job and seem really down to earth.

  4. I’m not a fan of coconut yogurt generally, it tastes too jiggly rather than creamy. I know those are textures and not tastes, but trust me I can taste the jiggle :) How does this one compare?

    1. Really? I thought it gave a much better texture and tang… but I don’t have much to compare it to. You’ll have to let me know how your other coconut yogurt was.
      The chicken bar is super cute =)

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