Peach Raspoothie

It’s peach season!! Isn’t it glorious? Mmmm I have waited all spring for this. I was so excited to see peaches at my local farmer’s market arrive a few weeks ago, and have been throwing them in everything as well as eating them just plain naked. Yum.

My current obsession is throwing them in a smoothie. I give you Peach Raspoothie.

Peach Raspoothie (serves 1)

1 large handful of spinach

1 peach, roughly chopped

1 frozen banana, roughly chopped

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1 tbsp of ground flax seeds

1 scoop of protein powder

1 tsp of honey (optional)

3/4 cup hemp milk

1/4 cup coconut water

Put all of the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Breathe, drink, enjoy =)

I find this especially refreshing with the heat we’ve been getting lately. I hope you all enjoy some fresh peaches this week!


8 thoughts on “Peach Raspoothie

  1. i was hoping snack through Georgian peaches before I left but I haven’t seen any yet. SIGH. Anyways, I love that you posted your murky drink… a handle of spinach doesn’t lend to the prettiest of drinks. 😛

  2. Hi Kimmy,
    I love to make rich and nutritious green smoothies so this recipe for Peach Raspoothie is right up my alley! Fortunately, organic raspberries have been on sale in my neighborhood so I have been buying them quite frequently and using them in my smoothies. I am so glad you shared this healthy and delicious smoothie recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

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