Nightmare Before Christmas Party

I missed my chance at hosting a totally stellar Halloween Party back in October as I was sick with a cold. Fortunately, I have friends like Robin who suggest a combo of Christmas & Halloween celebration!

I decorated:

And I made some spooky-themed food (more my forté than Christmas-themed):

Witches Hair & Blood Sauce (black bean noodles and marinara haha)

Bat Wings & Spider Brians (corn chips & guac!)

Skeleton Veg Tray

Dismembered Spookies

Robin made these awesome-sauce cupcakes (how cute are they?)

 Per usual, I forgot to take pictures of the humans and just the food. But Terry snagged a pic of me after the party in a cute home-made Robin creation:

 Countin’ down the days this week – more ways to celebrate coming tomorrow ;p

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