Naughty & Nice Halloween Treats

I promised you earlier this week that I would share my recipe for Spider Cupcakes. They are just so fun & cute and great for parties this time of year =)

These are not particularly healthy (although I do consider them a healthier version of ones I used to make with oreo’s and tons of sugar). But life is about balance (something I am trying very hard to learn right now!) and so are our eating habits. It’s good to eat whatever version of healthy you have for yourself, but an indulgence from time to time is healthy in it’s own way. If we repeatedly tell ourselves not to eat certain things, things we enjoy, then we are setting ourselves up to feel guilty and promote unhealthy thoughts around food and eating. Moderation is key =)

These cute little guys are for those who don’t mind indulging once in awhile. For those of you that would prefer not to indulge, scroll on down for some super fun & healthy treats!

Spider Cupcakes

1 package of gluten-free cake mix (I know… I know, I haven’t yet mastered the art of vegan, gluten-free baking) I used Bob’s Red Mill chocolate gf mix

12 of your favourite oreo cookie knock-off’s (I used K-Toos vegan, gluten-free cookie sandwiches)

24 candy “eye balls” (I found some vegan ones at Party City!!)

pieces of shoe string licorice to cut into “spider-legs” (vegan ones can be found at most candy stores)

Prepare cupcakes according to the directions, bake them and allow them to cool.


1/2 cup of coconut oil (not liquid or solid really, try to have it in a semi-solid state)

1/4 cup of agave

1/4 cup of soy milk powder (or other thickener – this is the only one I’ve tried)

Start by mixing your coconut oil & agave with an electric mixer and once combined and smooth, slowly sift in your soy milk powder until it reaches the consistency you want.

I admit I used a bit of orange food colouring to make the frosting orange, but I fully intent on trying to use carrot juice in my next attempt!

Frost your cupcakes as you normally would. Take your cookies and remove the tops and put 4 pieces of cut licorice on each side and put the cookie top back on. Take a couple of skittles, dip them in the frosting and place on top of the cookies, then put the cookie on the cupcake. Voila! Spider cupcake =)

Here are some other ideas for healthier treats:

For the veggie skeleton & spider hummus and  ghosties & pumpkins, check out my Wednesday post on where I got those ideas.

I also just made some sassy salsa to have with blue corn chips. It doesn’t hurt to have super cute Halloween dishes to serve things in =)

My friends brought some fun & healthy treats to share as well!

My friend actually made the little bat-shaped chips. So cute!

Another friend made this super tasty 7-layer dip and these scary little pizza guys:

And my artist friend made this amazing raw brownie cat:

The fun thing about inviting vegans over is that you know you’ll be able to eat everything =)

Have a super fantastic weekend! See you all back Monday.

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12 thoughts on “Naughty & Nice Halloween Treats

  1. Um… hellllllo?
    “(I know… I know, I haven’t yet mastered the art of vegan, gluten-free baking)”

    I have a couple cookbooks you might be interested in! My goodness….


  2. Hi Kimmy,
    How cute are your spider cupcakes! I love them! They are perfect for this holiday weekend! Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it.

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