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13 It’s kitchen tour time!

Not only am I excited to show off my kitchen – I can’t wait to see everyone else’s =D You can really get to know a person from their kitchen. Alright, here we go!


We moved into the apartment we currently live in about a year ago. One of the reasons was the kitchen. I love it. It has so much natural light from the big living room window. There is a ton of counter space. Nice, new appliances. Pretty cupboards and countertops. And we were the first to live in this place making the kitchen completely vegan!!! WOOT! I spend the most of my time in the kitchen, so I wanted one I could love. And I do!

What is a kitchen without appliances?


Trusty toaster oven & food processor



And my neatly organized cupboards:


Baking goods up top, beans & grains in the middle & oils & seasoning on the bottom


Cookbooks!! Rawvolution bars are a current favourite, with gf oats, quick cook quinoa porridge, maca powder, lacuma powder, cacao powder & coconut


Salad spinner & spices


The miscellaneous stuff (cake pans, water bottles, cupcake holders, napkins, etc)

And for the grand finale…. *drumroll* The fridge:


Almost everything in this fridge came from the farmer’s market. So many green things!! Current favs are bok choy, cremini mushrooms, dill sauerkraut and heirloom tomatoes


Nutbutters, nutmylks, hemp & chia seeds, maple syrup, nuts & seeds and wine for Terry


My current burger obsessions (Hilary’s & Qrunch)


Frozen fruits, bread, beef crumbles, leftovers and ah yes, ice cream ;p 

My favourite part is the personal touches, like paintings my bestie Di painted for me. She is a super awesome local artist. We have several of her pieces – you can see 2 hanging on the wall on the left:


What do you love about your kitchen?

12 thoughts on “My kitchen

  1. What a great kitchen, I love all the greens in your fridge!
    My favourite thing about my kitchen is definitely the double oven, I can’t ever go back to a single!

  2. What a great post, I’m certainly feeling inspired to have a bit of a clear out now. I’m not sure what my absolute most favourite thing ever is in the kitchen, the dishwasher is a life-saver, but maybe my bright pink splash-backs!

  3. love seeing your kitchen – it looks so shiny and neat – ours had only had two other owners before us but I suspect a lot of meat was eaten before we arrived – though we bought a new oven. I am impressed by all the greens in your fridge and all the neat rows of jars. One of the things I dislike about greens is how much space they take up :-)

  4. You are onto something about a kitchen being a window into a personality. And yours is open, bright and very organized! You also don’t have the obsession I do of accumulating a bunch of stuff! A habit I’m working on getting under control.

    Loved the peak into your kitchen!


    1. I used to accumulate more. But a few moves (especially one from Canada to the US) changed my tune ;p I like to keep it simple… although I did get a wee bit jealous when I saw all of the fun stuff in your kitchen haha.

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