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I have been on a journey to better health for the past 8 years and love being a vegan fitnut. But I have not always been this way. I used to be a McDonald’s nuggets & fries lover, a Pizza Hut stuffed crust admirer, Marsbar toting, skittle chewing, chip scarfing junk-a-holic. I also used to be constantly exhausted and moody with thin hair, bad skin and 25 pounds and a few sizes of extra “love” on me.

Growing up, I had a lot of health issues. I had hormone imbalances galore, autoimmune issues, terrible asthma and allergies. By the time I was 15 I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a form of hypothyroidism, an under-active thyroid), had alopecia areata to the point of losing much of my hair and was trying to recover from particularly nasty case of mono. All of the stress lead to to have such bad acid reflux, I was told I would probably get an ulcer and had to take prescription meds to combat it. To gain control of so many thing I felt I could not control, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and started restrictive eating.

University wasn’t much better as I struggled with my health, I became depressed and continued to hardly eat anything and when I did eat, it was only junk. My acid reflux got so bad it started interfering with sleeping and daily activities as I was always in pain and felt sick. Instead of changing my diet, I just took stronger medication. As my allergies worsened, I started meds for that as well.

After University I got a job that I didn’t like much and the stress and health problems continued. In 2005, my health hit an all time low as I had to have a complete thyroid removal due to thyroid cancer and promptly started taking hormone replacement therapy. This was not quite 2 months after having lost my father to cancer. The year after that is kind of a blur as I worked through grief at my sudden loss.

In 2006 I married my best friend who stood by me through all of the above. How lucky am I to have someone with me to trudge through all of this rough stuff? The following year, I finally realised I was incredibly fortunate and should act more like it. I started running and becoming more active. I just started by running up and down the block and doing aerobics in my apartment. But I also started eating healthier and realised how much better I felt. I took up some exercise classes and started ordering healthy options at restaurants.

In 2008 I joined a gym and loved it and started getting more into running. I watched SuperSize me and have never been to a McDonal’s since! In 2009 I met a nutritionist for the first time and took a healthy eating lecture and decided to go vegetarian. Later that year I read the China Study and absorbed all of the information that linked animal protein to cancer (especially those who have already had cancer) and went vegan about a week later. I’ve been vegan ever since.

I have since ditched all of my meds (except the Hormone Replacement Therapy – I kinda need that with the no thyroid problem haha), left my well-paying job in the financial industry to pursue studies as a nutritionist. I am a certified group Fitness Instructor and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have lost weight, I have clear skin, no asthma, minimal allergies and have amazing energy.

I would love to tell you that I am at my absolute best right now and that everything in my life is perfect. I read all of these blogs with these amazing women who just seem to have everything together, they seem flawless. To be honest, that’s not me right now. I recently faced a major life change of moving to a new country and the stress has lead me to some emotional eating and weight gain. But I’m human and I still love being vegan and love fitness and know that this is an ongoing journey that I look forward to sharing with you.

kimrunningThis is a shorter version of my struggles with Anorexia and finding a way to love myself the way I am. I have shared my ED story with Gena Hamshaw’s Green Recovery series.

6 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. I think that you are wonderful . I see you as a warrior and your impossibly beautiful eyes are startling and quite unforgettable .
    Live well and long in the knowledge that gentle and sentient beings have you as an advocate . Your puppy looks to you for
    protection and receives it in avalanches .
    Stay well and thank you for sharing your life’s journey with us .
    Your recipes are deliriously delicious and achievable …
    Vegans are just fabulous .

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Life can be so challenging sometimes but what a beautiful blessing to have an amazing partner who has loved, and taken care of, you through all of it! Your story is inspiring and I’m so happy that you started a blog to share and inspire others as well! Where did you move? I’m originally from NYC but have been living in Paris for 15 years. Moving abroad is challenging but it can also be the most wonderful adventure. Very excited to have found your blog and to follow along on your adventures!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! They are much appreciated =) We moved from Ontario, Canada to California, USA. I knew you lived in France from your blog, I didn’t realize you were originally from NYC. I imagine that could have been a tough transition at first. It was hard for me at first, but I really do love it here. Thanks Alix =)

  3. Do you supplement with B12? If so what form and how often?
    How about probiotics, kombucha, things like that?

    Lastly, any other supplements you take regularly?


    Thanks so much from someone who wants to make this vegan thing work.

    1. Hi Michelle! To make sure I am getting everything, I actually take a good quality multivitamin which has the recommended daily recommendation of B12. I also regularly enjoy Nutritional Yeast, which is a very good plant based source of B12. It’s really good in salad dressings and topped on pasta in place of parmesan.
      I also take a calcium supplement, but that has more to do with my thyroid issues than from being vegan as I no longer produce my own calcium in my body.
      I also enjoy seaweeds, again, more from a thyroid issue standpoint. I like nori rolls (sushi), dulse flakes in place of salt sometimes and spirulina powder (which is a really great source of iron).
      Kombucha doesn’t seem to agree with me unfortunately. As for probiotics, I eat vegan cultured yogurts and enjoy sauerkraut.
      Please feel free to email me if you have more questions =) Good luck with your journey – I’m happy to help!

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