My First (and maybe last) Bike Race


I did it! 25 miles on a bike. What kind of crazy person does this? The kind of girl who realizes she is turning the big 3-5 this year and better do something BIG beforehand (much like the first and decidedly LAST full marathon I ran just before my 30th). This is me before, look how cute and innocent I look all ready to tackle this race. HA!


Ok, so most of the race was actually along the ocean which was incredibly beautiful and very motivating.


Here’s a picture about halfway through where I thought to myself that it actually wasn’t that bad and totally do-able.


Annnnd then I met the 1200 foot elevation. All within a span of 5 miles. Yup. I somehow only managed to stop once most of the way up to have a gulp of water, tell myself to suck it up and get to the top of the hill. And that I did.

What did I learn from this experience??? Training does not only involve racing the distance of the race. You should experience similar elevation changes during your training rides so you are not surprised and wanting to ride off the mountain just to see flat road again. Also, learning how to use the bike rack a friend lends you shouldn’t wait until the night before the race to put it on the car only to have it fall apart and leave you in tears wondering how you will transport your bike to your race (taking the front wheel off worked *phew*). Race with a friend. When you are along on the big hills, you will lose your motivation and feel like giving up. Having someone there to do it with you will keep you going.

Starting to question my sanity as I have signed up for a sprint triathlon in October. Annnd I have to start training next week. Damn.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚ย ๐Ÿ˜‚ย ๐Ÿ˜‚

This picture was taken after. Right before I collapsed on the ground…


16 thoughts on “My First (and maybe last) Bike Race

  1. biking up hill is my least favorite thing in life. XD That is why I love biking in Philadelphia- it is mostly level and paved. I think the longest I biked was 11 miles, but that was on “rails to trails” which are old train tracks turned into bike trails. So it was pretty much flat.

  2. congrats! you still look pretty good after! I am annoyed at it is a non working day and I have left my purse at work so am pondering if I ride in today on a day off! I could really do with some scenic views but I would probably end up walking up that hill – am used to nice flat melbourne bike paths. Good luck with the training.

  3. Well done indeed, any exercise event commitment over 35 years should definitely be worthy of sharing. I ran my first half marathon pre my 40th 2 years ago and this year am aiming for a marathon.

  4. Well done! Sounds like quite the struggle with that hill (I would have just died), but you did it!
    I turned 35 last year and I don’t think I tried to achieve anything before it happened. I have just given myself over to the unstoppable passage of time. LOL

    1. The hill was horrible. But I’m glad I did it. Haha unstoppable passage of time, that’s a funny way of putting it. I should probably give up these silly pre-birthday feats.

    1. I took a much needed break… I’m still debating how to get back into things. I have missed it though. Thanks for checking in, I’ve missed your comments and posts =)

  5. Well done Kimmy and Congratulation too. What an achievement. I do hope your well, haven’t heard from you in while – hope work is keeping you busy.

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