My date with Carrie on Vegan

One of my favourite things about blogging is all of the super cool people I get to meet! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met blogging buddies in person.

I met Carrie of Carrie on Vegan for the first time last summer . Though we didn’t meet through the best circumstance (she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was nervous about her upcoming surgery and I had been through all of that and thought I could help put her mind at ease), we clicked instantly and have kept in touch. She recently invited me to her house and  I was beyond excited (yes… I am a huge dork – she’s like a vegan celebrity!!).

We started out with a nice stroll.

And ended up at a cute, local market:

More walking to check out some beautiful views.

We worked up quite an appetite!

Ok, I will admit to you that I am a kitchen geek. And cooking with Carrie was like a dream come true. It would be super awesome to always have a fun friend to cook with in the kitchen!  Her kitchen is gorgeous by the way =D

Breakfast was fun too! 

She is very creative with green smoothies. I fall into “smoothie ruts” way too often, she inspired me to be more creative with my smoothies (recipe coming!). Oh and chia pudding! I had not had chia pudding in ages, it was super refreshing & delicious!

We checked out a trail near her place near the ocean. So pretty!

We even saw a tide pool! How cool is this?

Again… working up more of an appetite haha. We stopped for lunch at Shine Café and it was so good! I definitely will be making a trek back out there to try more dishes on their menu.

The views around the café were nice too!

I had a great time! It’s always such a great experience making friends through the blog =) I’m always looking to meet anyone who reads this – if you are ever in the NorCal area – let me know! I will definitely meet up with you =) And if not and are interested in meeting me, let me know and we can figure out if our paths can cross.

To my friend Carrie & Alan – thank you for your wonderful hospitality! I hope to see you both again soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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