My Date with Carrie and other weekend fun

So something you may not know about me, I kind of like road trips. One day road trips haha. A good friend of mine, Carrie, lives a few hours away. It’s tough for us to see each other regularly, but we make a point of it. She makes the trek down here from time to time and I actually really look forward to a relaxing day in the car to return the visit to her.

We meet between our two places and tend to pick San Luis Obispo as our preferred meeting point when I go to see her. It is the cutest little town ever. It has cute, little shops and cute, little streets with cute, little houses. And it has one of my favourite restaurants of all time, Bliss Café. We started our day there. When I told the server that I drove 3 hours to enjoy one of their dee-licious meals, they made me this super cute breakfast bowl with a face =D =D =D


We walked around, did some shopping and then Carrie had found a fancy chocolate shop that made vegan-friendly chocolate, Mama Ganache.


It was easy to see which chocolates were indeed vegan, the chocolate guru assisting was very friendly & helpful. I liked the wall art.


And I walked with an expensive (worth every penny!!) box of chocolates to share with Terry.


I wish we lived closer, but I enjoy seeing Carrie when I can 💖


How cute are we?

And some big news! I have signed up for a sprint triathlon. I love running and I enjoy running 5km, 10km & half marathons, but I really wanted to try something new & different. So this year I’m trying a Tour bike “race” and a sprint triathlon. I love biking, I bought an inexpensive bike when I came here. A cute, pink cruiser. She’s great, but no gears and heavy as all heck. A friend of mine told me about a bike place going out of business, so I cleaned house!!!


Isn’t she pretty? She’s a hybrid bike, I didn’t want to spend much and she was well within my budget. The funny thing is, the races I have signed up for are from a series of races called the Mermaid Series and this bike’s model is called the Ariel. Too perfect! I broke her in by riding 7 miles home with her. I wondered if it would be a bad idea, but we didn’t have a hitch on the car and we made it just fine.

We had friend’s for dinner over the weekend. I made the most amazing shepherd’s pie ever!!! Of course I didn’t take pictures because I was too focused on serving it to our friends. But you better believe I’ll be making it again and sharing the recipe with you. We finished off the huge casserole between the 4 of us and were licking our plates clean. My friend Ashley brought dessert, I did remember to snap a pic of this:


Cheezecake. Omg it was SO GOOD. I always love a friend willing to try a gluten-free dessert for me =)

And what post would be complete without a cute picture of Sunny? She dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day of course:


And we recently made a trek to an off leash dog beach. Look at this face!


How was your weekend?

13 thoughts on “My Date with Carrie and other weekend fun

  1. What a fun weekend… and yes you girls are cute!! :-)
    A sprint triathlon??? How much fun!!! Let us know how you train for it?!? Doing one is on my bucket list! Except I don’t really know much about biking or swimming for racing purposes… haha!

  2. This was such a fun post to read, and I love the sound of your day out with Carrie. I am also excited on your behalf about the sprint triathlon and your new bike! I entertained the idea of sprint triathlons back when I was running half marathon races more regularly, but then we had a baby instead 😛 I’ll live vicariously through you for now!

    1. I’m glad this was a fun post to read. Sometimes I’m not sure if people find them boring or not. I always like reading people’s post like this though.
      Well, in fairness, the baby was a pretty good trade haha!

  3. I really wish I lived closer to you ladies! I really enjoyed our day together in November and I can’t wait to do it again!

    Congrats on signing up for your spring triathlon, you crazy person! Lol And I have to say, the name of your new bike (sweet ride!!) is definitely a sign… You’re a true mermaid!

  4. how great to meet up with carrie and have that cute meal – and onya for signing up for a triathalon – sounds challenging but hope it is fun too – I love your new bike – am surprised that your old one doesn’t have gears as even quite a few of the kids bikes I have seen have gears. I couldn’t go back to riding without gears – hope you enjoy it.

    1. I love meeting up with other bloggers =) Too bad we are so far apart. I think it’d be fun to have lunch with you.
      That was one of the appeals of the old bike – simple. But now that I have a bike with gears, I’m pretty sure I can’t go back like you haha.

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