Monday Funday

Did you have a good weekend? Ready to start this week? Are you lucky like my hubby and have the day off for a nice, 3-day weekend? I hope so.

We didn’t get around to doing a whole lot this weekend. We had high hopes that were mildly dashed by my follow up with my foot specialist after the incident. Silly me thinking that after 3 long weeks in an air cast, I’d be FREE!! No such luck. I went from boot to shoe and can only gradually start to get back into the swing of things. I’m allowed short walks, low impact exercise (upper body, core & swimming – no lower body… no running, boo!) and have to continue to take it easy. So long glorious, long weekend hike. Ah well, we managed a fun weekend anyway.

My hubby and I unknowingly made each other homemade V-day cards. Aren’t we so cute you want to punch us??? As I was making my card for him (I made the one on the left, he made the one on the right), I realised it was our 16th Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of love days.

Terry also got me and the pup some flowers from the local market:

And I made us a really nice dinner which is unpictured as although it was really good, it came out very unpretty ;p Terry played me some romantic tunes on the piano afterwards. And we rented Gone Girl haha. Not very romantic, but a great movie!

And much in the style of our Valentine’s Day tradition, we went out for lunch Sunday to on of our favourite restaurants. We don’t got out on the actual day as it’s always so busy and most restaurants have a special menu which costs a bajillion dollars.

Oh! And Sunny got a special treat too =)

“I can has cookie?”

Hope you had a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Monday Funday

  1. How funny, Alan and I just determined that we’ve also celebrated 16 V-days together. Another we in that we are soul sista’s, Kimmy. :0) Sending you tons of love and hope that your foot heals up soon. And, that look on Sunny’s face with the treat…she is SO adorable!!!

  2. awww that is so cute – I love your cards – wish I could make them like that! and those flowers are beautiful – we went out for lunch on the day but after exchanging chocolates and cards I think we forgot it was valentines dayu – life has been a bit crazy

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