Mid-week Munchies

I found a fun new linky party! It’s called mid-week munchies and all you have to do is share your vegan shopping experiences. Fun!


The two bottom items are long time favourites. When I discovered that corn chips and I don’t agree, I found Beanfields and have loved them ever since. The sea salt ones are really good with guacamole. But the nacho ones are my favourite. They make me think of a vegan version of Dorritoes, but better. And they are gluten free!

Next up, Garlic Dill Pickle Kraut from Farmhouse Culture. I didn’t even like kraut before trying this one day at the Farmer’s Market. And I don’t like dill pickles. But this kraut is so good! I have a small bowl of it a few times a week. It’s organic and is full of probiotics. Good stuff!

And lastly, a protein bar from Rise. I haven’t actually tried it yet. I’ll let you know when I do. I like Larabars and Rawvolution bars, but it’s nice to switch it up once in awhile.

So I’m linking up at Midweek Munchies over at VNutrition. There are several bloggers hosting this fabulous linkup and you should check it out =)

Did you have a good weekend? I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, so I took it easy. It was a jammies day binging on Gilmore Girls cuddled with the pup. Not bad all in all. Saturday was actually fun! Terry and I checked out an introductory photography class. We’ll have to see if my photography improves. I would like to take a class dedicated to food photography. Stay tuned for that.

After the class, we went to my favourite pizza place ever! Plant Based Pizza in San Jose. They make really good gluten-free crust, they have good sauce and don’t pile on the daiya like other places. We got garlic chips, a Hawaiian and Mediterranean.



I found Sunny’s stuffed toy face down in her water bowl. I guess she wanted to drown it for some reason or other. Poor bird never saw it coming.



She seems to think the bird had it coming.

In other news, I’m still coming up with a fun Halloween themed recipe. I’m hoping it’ll be ready for Wednesday. Have a great week!

13 thoughts on “Mid-week Munchies

  1. sooooooooooooooo happy you are participating at MWM!!!! YAY! Thanks! I LOVE those bean based chips! Those other two items are new-to-me and I will have to be on the look out!!!! Extra points for the pup pic, too! So CUTE!

    1. It’s such a fun linkup! Thanks for hosting =) The bean chips are awesome sauce. I love the kraut! If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend it. The protein bar was just ok.

  2. Thanks so much for the Midweek Munchies shout out!

    I cracked up at Sunny thinking “the bird had it coming” lol! Sunny is so cute.

    Ooh, I’ve never seen the nacho bean and rice chips. The first thing I thought of is I wonder if they taste like Doritos and then you said they did! I’ll need to try those as well as the kraut.

    I actually love dill pickles so hopefully I’ll like that too. I like switching up sauerkraut and kimchi to keep things interesting.

    I’d love to take a photography class sometime. I have a semi-good Cannon but I don’t know what I’m doing so I usually just use my phone for all my pictures.

    1. She is a very interesting dog ;p She makes us laugh. A lot.
      The bean chips are so good!! I’ve seen them in a lot of health food stores. They do remind me of doritos, although it’s been so long since I had them…
      If you like dill pickles, I’m sure you’d love the kraut =)
      Your photography is great!

  3. Poor stuffed birdie. I wonder what they did. Sunny looks a bit sad over whatever disagreement they had. Must have been a deep betrayal.
    I hope you are feeling better now! Did you hear about the Gilmore Girls revival? I am so damn excited.

    1. Sunny is quite mean to her toys. She dismembers them on a regular basis as well.
      Haha. A deep betrayal huh? Maybe the bird really did have it coming ;p
      Feeling much better. I *just* heard about the revival. YAY! I never actually finished watching the show when it first aired, so I’m at the point now where I’m seeing things that I haven’t seen yet. I’m halfway through season 6 and dying to know how it all ends!

  4. The pickle kraut sounds yummy (I am a huuuge lover of sauerkraut!). I hope you’re feeling better, I spent the weekend feeling sick too…I always seem to avoid colds all winter but then get them when spring arrives, haha. I have been thinking about taking a food photography class too (most likely an online course) – I’ll be interested to see how you go with taking one too :)
    And how cute is Sunny! Hahaha poor bird 😛

    1. I’m actually not a huge lover of kraut, which is why I think this dill pickle one is especially delicious =)
      I am feeling better. I hope you are too!
      I actually will probably take an online photography class that deals specifically with food, although I really enjoyed the in-person introductory class.

    1. You would totally love the kraut! It’s totally worth the price – I swear! It’s one of the only things I spend that much money on. A bag lasts me like 2 weeks if I have it 3-4 times a week, so it’s only about $12 a month. I should try Bubbies!

  5. Oh my gosh I’m totally addicted to those chips. The nacho and bbq ones are my favorite. The local discount store often has them 3/$1 for the snack bags and I stock up!

    Love the kraut too – I’ve had it a couple times but it’s kinda expensive so I don’t get it often.

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