The post you’ve been waiting for! Just how vegan-friendly is Maui? Incredibly! I could not believe how easy it was to eat there. Not only was it super veg & vegan friendly, but I managed to stay gluten-free the whole trip! I normally have to cave as the gluten-free options are non-existant or not very good, but I was pleasantly surprised by all I could eat on the island. I will admit that I did a fair amount of research first. But the good news that if you’re planning on checking it out sometime, I’ve done it all for you ;p

My apologies for the less than stellar photo quality. Gotta chalk it up tomy hungry tummy having no patience to play around with lighting and camera options.

First stop: Whole Foods Maui

Getting off the airplane, we had worked up appetites… from all of that sitting I guess? 😉 I make it my mission to check out new Whole Foods stores everywhere we go. The Maui location is quite nice, it’s fairly large, has everything I’m used to and some fun things I hadn’t seen before. The food bar was just ok to be honest.

As Robin’s friend lives in Maui, I asked her where he suggested to eat while we were there. He recommended a place called Veg Out in Haiku, which was conveniently minutes from where we were staying. It kind of looks like a hole in the wall, but don’t let the outer plaza deceive you, Veg Out has delicious food. We ended up eating there three times! The prices are quite inexpensive and the quality of food was quite good.

Gluten-Free Freedom Pizza

Pad Thai Noodles

Middle Eastern Plate

Taro Burger (Hawaiian Specialty) if you ever find yourself in Hawaii – be sure to try taro, it is so good!

Muffuleta Sandwich

On the road to Hana, we found Coconut Glen’s. This is a MUST if you go to the island. It is fresh made ice cream made out of local coconuts and cane sugar. It was quite surely the best ice cream I have ever had (vegan or not!).

How cute is this place?!

We had lunch at The Flatbread Company one day while checking out Paia. Paia is probably the most vegan friendly town in central Maui. At The Flatbread company, the food is excellent and the prices are fair (especially if you don’t get gluten-free – we ended up paying quite a bit extra for our gf crust). Our server was great, but they tried giving us a gluten pizza at first. Fortunately Terry tried it before me. Then they tried charging us for both pizzas after we sent the first back. Other than that, it was a lovely place to eat and we would go back.

No Boundaries Salad (Maui has the BEST pineapples!!)

Vegan Flatbread 

We walked around some more in the hot sun after lunch and our jaws just about hit the ground when we saw a Coconut Glen’s mobile truck. Jackpot!

We grabbed supper to go from the hot bar of an amazing health food store called Mana Foods on our way out of Paia. I liked the store more than Whole Foods, it had a lot of charm to it.  Terry and I both liked how well labeled everything was and the staff were very friendly & helpful about ingredient questions.

We ended up driving through Paia on our way to the other side of the island and grabbed lunch at Maka Foods, owned by the Mana Foods Health Store. It’s completely vegan, has a ton of gluten-free options and mostly raw.

Tempeh Katsu Sandwich with the BEST Kale Ceasar I have ever had

Coconut Cream Cheese Stacker (amazing homemade coconut cream cheese!)

Slice of Raspberry Chocolate Cheezecake for dessert

 We also stopped by a few local markets for snacks.

The kitchen at our rental was not fully equipped, but it had a blender and I could make us morning smoothies =)

We did stay at a resort one night and the restaurant at the resort, Duke’s,  was definitely not vegan. But they had a vegetarian option on the menu, which they veganized for me. The server was amazing, he peppered me with questions to make sure I would get something I would enjoy and feel comfortable eating and he had a lot of knowledge about food and special diets. It was pricey, but well worth the service and quality of food. It was one of the best meals I have ever had.

I made us oat parfaits our last day with fresh fruit and we enjoyed it on the lanai of our condo at the resort:

And on the way to the airport, we grabbed some food from Hawaiian Superfoods Café. It was also kind of a dive looking place, but the food was amazing! It’s small (not much indoor seating) and very inexpensive, but the food… oh the food… We wish we would have tried it sooner as we only had the chance to go once. I loved my green burrito, but Terry’s pesto pizza was incredible!

The Green Burrito

Pesto Pizza Crunch

As you can see, we thoroughly ate our way through Maui 😉 Most of the places we ate at were very reasonably priced, especially the hot bars. We saved on food by making breakfast for ourselves every morning and packing snacks for our trips. The resort restaurant was our one real splurge, but we loved all of the food we had. I hope to go back one day to enjoy some more =)

4 thoughts on “Maui Eats

    1. Oh the coconut ice cream – it was hands down the *best* ice cream (vegan or not) I have ever had! It just tasted so fresh. I wasn’t too keen on the pesto pizza as I am not a huge pesto lover, but I snuck a bite and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I’ll try and make a recipe to share =) Thanks Sarina!

  1. Thanks Kimmy, excellent advice about vegan/vegetarian food in Hawaii – specifically at Duke’s. I am planning to dine there tonight and your blog has been very helpful. Hopefully I might be able to serve my palate with the coconut ice-cream in a couple of days too. Keep up the good work

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