March Goals Update


Wow… March is over. And has been for over a week. Yikes. Is it just me, or is this year flying by already? I really need find more time to stop & smell the roses. Maybe that should be an April goal ;p

March Goals Recap:

  • 1 new dance routine (recurring monthly goal)
  • Sunny training (I slacked a bit with this in January and want a very well-behaved pup, we’re doing pretty well though!)
  • catch up on ironing (ha – I have been taking any wrinkled clothing out of the dryer and sticking it in a nice, neat pile and kind of forgot about it…)
  • find more ways to be purposeful (maybe add on another volunteer job)
  • work at pulling of a super amazing fundraising bake sale for the love of doggies!!! (let me know if you have any tips about marketing and getting help promoting this awesome event)

Ok overall – not bad. I didn’t touch the ironing. Mreh. I choreographed a new dance routine for the dance class I teach at the Y (it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself!). I really hunkered down and focused a lot of energy into training Sunny girl and it totally paid off. She now knows “down” (which she couldn’t do before), she can “stay” for a much longer period of time (and can “stay” from a sit or down position), she now knows “drop” and her leash training is much better =) 

I haven’t added a new volunteer job yet, but I have a few I’m considering and honestly, I felt pretty purposeful last month with the bakesale. Which, by the way, went incredibly well! We ended up raising $1,000 for the dog rescue DPS. Very awesome!!!

April Goals:

  • 1 new dance routine (recurring monthly goal)
  • spring cleaning!!! (my mom-in-law is coming up next month and I want this place spic & span! well… more than usual anyway)
  • try to reduce my weekly Whole Foods bill (this is a challenge for sure…)
  • start using my new camera for blog food pics
  • catch up on and stay on top of reading all of your blogs (I’m still only up to March 26th :/)
  • find more ways to be happy (blog post coming up about this)

How are you all doing with your goals? I have a super yummy recipe for you this week – so come on back Wednesday to check it out =)

In the meantime – can anyone figure out how Sunny managed this? I really need to start videorecording her when I leave haha

6 thoughts on “March Goals Update

  1. Good job on the goals! I haven’t posted my March update yet, I have been slacking on the blogging the last month or so. Boo.

    Since you mentioned dog training, I wanted to share with you my good news! My agility instructor has set a goal for Roxy and me to compete in a real agility trial in June or July. We’ll have to practice A LOT and we need to do a “fun match” or two beforehand, so I fully expect you to come and cheer us on! :)

    Also, she mentioned that I can rent the agility field on my own for practice, so maybe we should do that one day and see what Sunny thinks of it? I can at least get you and her started on the basics of learning some obstacles (we can actually do a little of that in my backyard too)….

    1. That’s awesome Brie! Roxy is really a smart girl – I bet you guys would compete nicely =) I definitely want to cheer you on!!!
      I am curious to see what Sunny thinks of agility training. I feel like she might really like it.

  2. I love that you set monthly goals, that is such a great idea! While I am very organized in most areas of my life, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants with this kind of stuff!

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